Hi. I’m not quite sure how to do this, so I guess I’ll just do it.

I want to apologize about how I have been handling myself as a content creator as a part of this site. The day before I even applied I had a very negative attitude towards my fellow content creators. I don’t honestly know what happened. I got one negative response on my second video and I… just fell apart. It isn’t fair that I was picked up and took away the opportunity for others to get shown despite the fact that they were working harder..

Although I’m guilty of these things, so are others. I don’t think that we should be sitting at these low viewcounts. Part of that is that we aren’t supporting each other. Keep in mind that I’m just as guilty as everyone else. There are times when I COULD have watched one of your videos, but instead I re-watch a Nostalgia Critic video that I’ve seen 1,000 times. It isn’t that anything you make is bad. On the contrary, I enjoy Ranting Thespian or Bloody Chuckles whenever I do listen to them. Yet I rarely listen to them. I think part of the problem with this is that we don’t encourage people to try new things. Since most of us are reviewers, we should know better than to just go with the flow and ignore what could be very talented people just because of small tech issues or things that even the people in the big leagues struggled with. Even if you don’t enjoy the content, we should be trying to give criticism in the same way that we do the media that we review.

I think that we should be trying harder to form a community. Channel Awesome or Normal Boots wouldn’t have been so popular had they not formed a community, made friendships, and did their best to help each other. We need that. The site could thrive if we would work together and help each other.

I know I’m not the one who should be talking, but I’m beginning to realize how important it is for artists to know the right people. Why can’t we be the right people? Sure, we might never make it to the same levels as the people that inspired us. But I feel like we could be better if we would be that one extra comment or one extra view.

A lot of us were broken up when Channel Awesome denied us. But we have a site right in our laps! I think we should start making the most of it and help each other build it.

About rabidabby

I like reviewing things, but I also lack the attention span for doing anything longer than a couple of minutes, as a result, I review short videos (namely music videos).

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