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Did the show live up to the biggest WWE crowd ever? Nope.

So the massive 5-hour big event occurred Sunday night and as tradition goes I got together with my friends and saw the whole thing. I didn’t have the highest expectations for this show going in. So here is my shotgun review.

US Title: Kalisto vs. Ryback: This match went exactly as it should have been. Bigger dick heel throwing around small little face until face gets surprise move and wins. Wasn’t a classic but it didn’t need to be. I was a little surprised they kicked off with it but it was good for what it was.

10 Diva match: Total Divas vs. Bad and Blond: Exactly what you’d expect from this match and that’s not a compliment. This was just filmed for the reality show and glad they moved it to the pre-show. Everyone got their moves in and the nonwrestlers were protected. Good chance to make sure you dinner was cooking before the show started.

Usos vs. Dudley Boys: Called this one to a t. This match didn’t disappoint but it did exceed expectations either. It was just like their other bazillion match up and wasn’t any different than what they would do on RAW.

Intercontinental Title ladder match: Well THIS was a surprise huh? LOVED Stardust paying tribute to his father with the polka dots. Wish it would lead to a face turn. But NO ONE expect Ryder to win this! All these guys got their shit in but it still made a good match. Hard to screw this up but the finish was great.

Chris Jericho vs. A.J. Styles: These guys went out and busted their asses. This was the match I expected out of them and they delivered. Kinda interesting they gave it to Jericho, but it is what it is. Good match from two guys who can deliver!

League of Nations vs. New Day: They finally decided on a 6 man match for this. honestly, the match was irrelevant. The New Day entrance and all that stuff that happened afterwards was what people will remember. Not the stuff in between. Having the league win really only served to what happened afterwards and nothing more. Pass.

Street Fight: Dean Ambrose v/s Brock Lesnar: As I was afraid of, this match under delivered. The match seemed to drag on and the finish really did come out of nowhere. Maybe it’s my fault for expect something more but it just played out with Ambrose hitting Brock with things, and Brock not needing too. Seemed like they took a match that could have make Ambrose a star and didn’t really put much into it. It didn’t really help either guy and didn’t really accomplish anything. If it was to make Ambrose look like he just wouldn’t quit, it didn’t do the job.

WWE WOMAN’S title 3 way: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lunch: Okay, first I’m so glad they ditched the Diva’s name. And that new belt looks amazing! These three ended up have a great match. It tried not to stay in the traditional WWE three way formula, and it worked in spades. I’m not completely against Charlotte winning here and it leads to other things. Too bad it isn’t leading to Baley.

Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon: Unfortunately this match was exactly what I expected it to be and it was not very good. Shane’s attempt to do anything but punch taker looked awkward and not very good. He got his coast to coast flying kick in, barely reaching Taker with one foot. His leap off the cage was really amazing, but the other parts of the match just didn’t work. Like I said, Taker has great matches against great opponents. Shane is not a great opponent.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Well this one was full of surprises wasn’t it? Shaq?! Tatanka!? DDP?!  Of course it distracted from the fact that they didn’t have a whole lot of guys in there let alone anyone people wanted to win. Baron Corban winning was probably the best outcome in this one and am surprised there wasn’t more NXT guys in this. Not a bad match, but a little thin on participants.

Rock vs. Erick Rowan: And we finally figure out what the hell Rock was going to do. I think the point was to beat the “record” set by King Kong Bundy from the first show, but that has been beaten on Mania a number of times so it doesn’t really mean much. John Cena comes out and everybody cheers. Not much there.

WWE Title: HHH vs. Roman Reigns: Did anyone expect this match to be any different? Crowd shit all over it and man did this match drag on with NOTHING going for it. Having Steph get speared didn’t even fire the crowd up and Everyone was waiting for something to happen that never did. Huge let down of a match and was a mistake to go 0on last. The Cell was a crap match two, but at least, it would have ended with the Undertaker instead of two people getting booed out of the building.

This mania did not deserve the crowd that they drew. Sure, everyone tried but it seemed like no effort was put into telling any kind of story and following through. Someone mentioned on another forum that it seemed like this show was about making “moments” and not about putting on a good show. The undercard guys busted their asses and put on a great efforts, but the were dragged down by the main event matches. I’ll give it a B+ and leave it at that. Gotta say NXT owned the weekend.

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