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Holy shit did this year suck.

Hey, gang! Hope everyone has had a great holiday. We went to visit my sister on Christmas even and on the way back helped out a couple of people who went off the side of a crap road here in town. Everyone was okay, but we weren’t going to leave then stranded on the road like that. Hopefully, there wasn’t a lot of damage, but most important they were okay.

Welp, it’s that time of the year where we start looking back at the last 12 months. And holy shit do I not like what I see. It has been a rough year for a lot of us, I know. Between the awful politics and the end result of that election, that dragged a lot of us down. A lot of us are still trying to figure out how the next 4 years will go. Even those that will be in charge of the United States do not know what they are doing, so how the hell are we huh? The good thing about the future is we have a chance to change it.

And yes, I lost in the election. Big surprise right? The actual surprise was that I didn’t finish last in my hometown. I’d have lost money on that bet!

Of course, all the high profile, and even not so high profile, passings have been hitting people across the board, from musicians to members of the science and literary world to those who you have seen on the big and small screen. I’m writing this just as the country learns of the death of Carrie Fisher. Honestly, I haven’t seen such a loss of famous people like this before, even when wrestlers were dropping left and right. No matter the ways we know them, we will be able to remember them in our own ways. We still have music, movies, books, and whatever else to remember them by, even if we didn’t know them personally.

Personally, it has been a year of ups and downs. I’ve had a few freelance jobs but nothing that lasted or paid all my bills. I did get both Cityscape Tokyo and Unconventional to print and that it a highlight of the year for sure. While neither are going to buy me a house at the current path, it is so fulfilling to be able to have both is a physical form. 2017 will bring about more from me, that is for sure.

It has been an up and down year for me otherwise as well. I had good times and fought depression as I do. I didn’t have anything drastic or scary happen, so I guess that’s a plus. As Bob Schaefer once said, waking up on the right side of the dirt is a positive thing.

I’m not one for new year resolutions since things can change in an instant, but I do hope 2017 is good to you and to all of us. We could all use a break from the negativity that we are facing in the world right now.

So as I said about after your voted or in celebrating the holiday, ring in the new year however you do. Drink, party, sit home alone, read, do whatever, there really isn’t a wrong way to do things (well, as long as it doesn’t break federal or state law). And if you need to, use the dropping of the ball as a reset and let all the negativity you and I felt in the last year wash away so that we can tackle the future and bring some positivity back into the game of life.

See you in 2017!

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