You will be okay.

So today news came out that John Lasseter, the head of Pixar that took over a large part of Disney Animation in the last number of years is stepping aside to rethink things after some self-described “Missteps.” There is word going around of inappropriate hugs and other misconduct going on for years. This stuff wasn’t exactly secret either. Right now, there is no reason to doubt anyone’s claims and that is not what I’m writing about.

But you, yes you, the fans of Disney or Miyazaki anime that he had a hand in and was known to be a big fan of, Do Not Panic.

Do you like Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke? Are you a fan of the Pixar movies like Toy Story and everything else? Do you have wonderful memories of seeing those movies when you were younger and still like them today?

Good, Keep doing that.

There is a way to separate your enjoyment of the work and anything else that happens. Trust me, I know. I was a Chris Benoit fan.

Let’s hope that this story doesn’t turn into murder, but after Chris killed his wife and son, as a wrestling fan I had to separate that Yes, I enjoyed his matches and his work. Sure, he did some horrible things, but there was no point in beating myself up because I enjoyed watching his matches over the years. I certainly don’t approve of what he did, and I don’t try to pretend he never existed like the WWE does. But there is nothing wrong with enjoying the matches and enjoying the work he and others put together over the years, because of what ultimately happened.

The same should be thought of here. I’m certainly NOT taking sides or trying to shrug off things he may have done over the years. Something tells me this will get much bigger before it goes away, but there is NOTHING wrong with you or others for enjoying the Pixar or Disney movies he was involved with or the Miyazaki movies he played some part in. There were a LOT of very hard working and talented people in many places to make all that come together. Those people who weren’t doing anything wrong but just making their part in something amazing. Don’t vilify them for what is going on.

And DON’T think your memories of anything are tarnished. It is almost a joke now about “*blank* ruined my childhood”. No, it didn’t. If you loved those movies then, and now, Keep those memories. You don’t have to ignore anything that is going on, or pretend things like this did not happen, but you can still remember the good times YOU had and the love YOU had, then, now, or whatever. You were not condoning that kind of behavior then, and hopefully, you are not condoning that kind of thing now. Today’s news should not have you saying that the Pixar movies were shit and YOU were wrong for being a fan of that work, or anyone else being a fan of that work. Don’t tell other people how to think. Like what you like and it’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with you. There never was anything wrong with you. You will be okay.


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