Yup. Got that one completely wrong

So last week on Damn Write! I ranted and raved about Patreon screwing their customers and the content makers by raising their fees making it more expensive to use their service. I also said that Patreon would keep screwing people over because hey, they will make their money until no one uses it anymore and it would be sold off or whatever.

Yup. Missed that by a mile.

Days after posting that Patreon announced they were backing down from their changes and not only that, are offering deals for those who had left supporting their favorite artists and whatever to sign back on. They were deeply regretful and openly admitted this had not worked and had been a bad idea.

Did not see that coming.

With the ways things are, it is easy to be cynical of these businesses. We’ve seen it a million times before where online companies and business have their own needs and wants ahead of the ones that actually give them that money and used that service. The money usually dries up and things go down the toilet. Patreon may just have nipped that in the bud.

Of course, I could also take the cynical route and say the whole thing was a ploy and they just may jack up their shit, just never bother to announce it next time. Let’s hope that never comes to pass right? But even without Patreon, there are other ways to support artists and creative people. Buying products from them is the easiest, but I know this really well, no everyone has the spare change to do that kind of thing.

But thankfully you can still support people. Link to there stuff. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or whatever, post stuff link to people who you are a fan of. Expose some eyeballs to what they are doing. Word of mouth works well on the internet, but only if people spread the word!

Follow them on Social Media. There is that word of mouth thing again. It doesn’t cost you any money to follow and reply to someone on Twitter or Facebook and send them a message and reply to their posts, no matter who you follow. Not everyone on the internet is a raging asshole and most creators, no matter the media, will be open to that kind of thing.

Don’t steal. This one seems to be obvious right? Don’t steal people’s stuff. Do try to take out attribution and claim something as your own. This is especially hard for artists. Hell, I’ve had this happen to me and all I did was some CGI Ranma 1/2 stuff. I did that over a decade ago and STILL find my stuff online and without proper attribution. I wasn’t making any money off it, but imagine if I was? Yeah. Not cool. Don’t do that.

So, in the spirit of given and supporting, you don’t need to be able to have enough money to support them on a monthly service like Patreon. You can still support them in other ways to make their work get seen by as many people as possible.

Now, Next Tuesday we are all going to be thinking of other things so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting anything or not, but stay tuned next time for Damn Write and enjoy the holiday!

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