Watching some winter sports for sports sake.

Hi Gang. Hope everyone is doing well.

So as the temperature gets colder and colder to seemingly record lows here in Maine, I happened to see an ad on TV reminding me that the Winter Olympics is about to kick off. Gotta admit it had totally slipped my mind. I actually get into the Olympics, both Summer and Winter for a bunch of reasons. And here I thought I would lay some of my reasons for watching every couple of years.

The locale

Even though the Olympics seem more like a curse to the people that actually live in these places, I enjoy the reporting on what goes on in the area where the games are taking place. For all it’s faults, the TV coverage does a decent job of showing off what the city is like. What are the Athletes doing when not training? What are the people doing when not sardined into a seat watching the athletes compete? I know the coverage here in the U.S. always gets railed for these fluff pieces, but it doesn’t matter. It’s like a 2 week run with the Travel Channel.

The Sports I don’t know

That’s one thing about the Olympics, no matter what there is always a sport you know little if anything about. This is the time where you are randomly channel surfing and stop at something you never seen and just go “What the hell are they doing?” And with these multi-channel coverage packages nowadays, NBC will need the content no matter what it is. I’ve actually sat down and watched whole matches of Curling from the Olympics, so have an open mind.

The Sports I DO know

In the same token as the last entry, I still have my favorites that I follow. Hockey, Skating (used to be a huge fan back on the 90s), I’m not a big Hockey fan the rest of the time, but I follow the Olympics because I’m a tournament nut. Both Men’s and Women’s. I like to catch a game during the tournaments and keep up on that. Hell, in the summer I follow the boxing tournament religiously. But for the winter, Hockey gets my attention the most, with Skating being number 2. Throw in some odds and ends from around the board and I am entertained!

Mary Carillo

For those that don’t know, she is the features reporter from NBC whenever they do the Olympics. She does a lot of the reporting on the locale, the food, the weird stuff, all the kinds of things I get into when the Games roll around. Yeah, most of it is total fluff, and sometimes some of the athlete profiles are boring and fit into the “who cares” category, but at the right time, these little nuggets are actually kind of fun and entertaining.

The Ceremony

Opening or Closing, I watch em. Sure, there are edits, and it is almost never shown live here in the States, but still, for what IS shown, I get into it. These ceremonies have gotten so big now that you never really know what the hell they are going to do. This time around it’s Pyeongchang South Korea. I will get into that, I know it. The Opening Ceremonies, more than anything, can be a real cultural showcase and can become a real big show. On top of that, the parade of nations can also be interesting and informative too, so you never know what you might hear during that event.

No matter what you enjoy, or don’t, from the Olympics, go with it and have fun and do whatever you want. Most of these folks have worked most, if not all of their lives for this, so give them a look see and take a load off your mind and watch what the events can do.

Have fun!

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