Looking at one of my favorite wrestling events!

Hi Gang! As you know I’m a big wrestling fan from way back and one of my favorite WWE events every year has always been the Royal Rumble. Honestly, the WWE hasn’t exactly had a great time with the event in the last number of years and honestly, I’m less than confident they won’t screw it up again this year, but I can still hope to enjoy the starting point on “The road to WrestleMania” as it is sometimes called. So here is my look at this year’s event. So with less than a week to go, here is my look at the show.

Cruiserweight Title: Enzo Amore vs. Cedric Alexander: Does anyone really care about the 205 Live experiment anymore? The ultimate end to this would be Big Cass coming out and clobbering Goldust and reuniting with Enzo, but I’m not sure Cass is ready to come back and do that yet. Why is Goldust involved in this again? Enzo keeps the belt and no one gives a damn. (NOTE: I wrote this before the charges against Enzo came to light earlier today, match will likely be changed or canceled completely now)

Smackdown Tag title: 2 out of 3 falls: Usos vs. Gable/Benjamin: Despite me not feeling this much either, this will be a good match as long as they do not rush it and bullshit through 2 of the 3 falls. I see this is a probable opener of the show. This will go back and forth and a good match, I’m gonna say Gable and Benjamin get the belts 2 falls to 1.

RAW Tag Team Title Jordan/Rollins vs. Cesaro/Sheamus: We get it, Vince has a hard-on for using the Shield and also trying to push Jason Jordon since it means pushing Kurt Angle (we all know it). Jordon and Rollins retain that maybe leads to a match between then down the road.

WWE Title Handicapped Match: A.J. Styles vs. Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens: This one won’t be about Styles retaining the title, it will be about Owens and Zayn losing the match and blaming each other, maybe with one actually turning on the other. They will face each other at Wrestlemania and nothing new will happen in a match we’ve seen done to death. Then again, AJ makes a damn good champion and wonder who he will face at ‘Mania and not lose the belt at the FEB show for no reason.

Universal Title: Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane: Lesnar keeps it. I think he wins with Braun being tied up and something happening and Brock beats Kane. Simple as that for this match.

Woman’s Rumble: Holy crap am I hoping for a surprise here but I see one of three winning this. It’s either Rhonda Rousey, Shayna Bazeler, or Stephanie McMahon herself. Rhonda has been the rumor for a while and would make sense for their star power match at Mania, but Bazeller can fill the same role and is already on the roster, but having her wrestle (de4spite being awful) and having her buddy Rhonda in her corner at Mania makes too much sense. Steph winning it is the nightmare scenario that a lot of people see as well. Seeing the NXT women should make this match all the better.

Men’s Rumble: To continue from the triple threat, Braun got to tear down the backstage area and beat the crap out of Michael Cole, call me crazy but I think he wins the rumble. He will either takes someone’s number or be put in the match after he goes ballistic again backstage, but he enters the match and goes all the way to the end to face Roman Reigns as a troll to fans, Braun eliminates him and make Braun go full face (like people aren’t already cheering him) to go on and face Brock at Mania for the belt.

Honestly, I’m not expecting a super memorable show. There will be surprise entrants but other than a momentary pop to keep the crowd entertained, they would mean that much. The WWE hasn’t been about entertaining fans for a while and has been more about rubbing it in fans faces more than anything with the rumble. So I’ll watch it sure, but it’s at the point where I’m not holding out hope for anything awesome.

However, I AM expecting awesomeness from the night before with the NXT Takeover show. The NXT shows usually outdo the major shows nowadays and I hope for the same this time around. Here is hoping they actually deliver on both shows.

As I am finishing this up, the RAW 25th anniversary just aired and it was actually pretty good. Yeah, Triple H himself trying to say DX was around for the first ever RAW was a real stretch but it was a fun show. The highlight for me was the guy in the Manhattan Center dressed up as Bobby Heenan in drag from the very first episode. That gets my kudos.

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