The announcement for the first NXT event for the UK show has me excited!

If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you will know I’m a big pro wrestling fan. I follow quite a few companies like RAw and Smackdown, NXT, New Japan, WOS, and things like Lucha Underground and Defiant. One of the newer shows I’ve been getting into is WWE’s British show NXT UK. Much like it’s American counterpart,  NXT UK doesn’t have the “Entertainment” aspect that the mainstream WWE shoves down our throat and has more of a focus on the in-ring work. Plus it features a lot of guys from Defiant and WOS so most of the faces I see on their show are familiar in some aspect.

But, as with the American show, there was going to be talk of doing a Takeover wrestling special. The Takeover shows that the American NXT does are AMAZING and for many fans (me included) they outshine the WWE’s PPV show that are usually put on the next night. When the NXT UK project got started, there were fans already running about the British brand doing their own Takeover specials and give a lot of the stories they would be leading to an endpoint. Something for the stories and the talent to shoot for and something to work up to.

And yesterday the announcement was made official.



January 12th 2019 in Blackpool.

No matches have been announced yet (and I don’t read Spoilers). But that is okay by me at this point. the WWE has a month and a half to make matches and tape the shows leading up to it. They don’t even have a Tag team or a woman’s champion yet. They could do the finals of the tournaments to crown those champions there. The WWE doesn’t have mega long build-up times for these matches anyway. Also, the NXT shows usually feature half the matches that the mainstream WWE does on there shows and still do better than what the WWE itself puts on.

In the time until mid-January comes up, I will find it interesting to see where they go with the matches for the show. Although they have built up UK Champion Pete Dunne as the top guy, they haven’t set up a clear challenger for him yet. It will be interesting to me to see WHO they set up for the main event of that first special, but HOW they do it.

And it will also be something I take interest in to see what they do with the other belts. The women’s title seems like a clear picture, but the tag team belts are a lot less so. Gotta think that the Coffey brothers and Moustache Mountain are pretty much in the lead for a showdown at the show, but nothing official has come out yet.

Another aspect of the show is also something that is a part of the American NXT shows and that is “Who is going to the Main show?” as the results of the NXT shows are often tied in with at least one of the names being “called Up” and finishing their stay with NXT. There haven’t been any direct “Call-ups” from the UK brand yet so who knows how that will fair.

A lot to look forward top in not only this show itself but in the build-up to it. A lot of new things and faces taking part in this Takeover show so it is holding my attention a lot more than what the WWE itself is putting on.

Hope it will be as fun!


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