Pip Pip, Cheerio, and the kicking of ass!

So the WWE’s newest brand of action, NXT UK had its first Takeover event, Takeover Blackpool, and it wasn’t that bad of a show. Granted it wasn’t ex much of a show as the regular NXT Brand shows are, but give it a little time, I have faith the UK brand will be just as good as the American brand soon enough.

So let’s break down the show a little bit.

NXT Tag team Titles: Moustache Mountain V/s James Drake/Zach Gibson: The finals of the tournament to crown new Champions and..well..that Tag division isn’t exactly a deep one. I figured that Moustache Mountain was going to win this but they gave it to Gibson and Drake. It was a good match though. Love the added bonus of the long tights on Mustache Moutain and a lot of the old British Bulldog moves as well. Little things like that can make a match for me!  A lot of big moves from both teams as they both figured out that this was leading the pay per view so it had better be good and it was!

Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin: This match never took place as Banks got attacked a couple of times (All the time say “He’s Been Medically Cleared!”) and Banks was taken out of the match and replaced by Finn Balor. Balor trained Devlin so it is a teacher vs. student match and to no one’s surprise, Balor won. Decent match but when Balor was brought out the ending was crystal clear. Not a bit fan of Devlin either. It was there but meh.

Dave Mastiff v/s Eddie Dennis: Speaking of guys I don’t see anything in, there is Eddie Dennis. I do not get the point of his character and have never been given a reason why we should think of him as a bad guy. He is tall, underweight, dresses badly, and the WWE thinks by repeating that he is a former school headmaster we will boo him. Feh. Mastiff ran over him and the right guy won the battle here. Though to be honest, Mastiff seems like a good guy monster now that before. Decent match but seemed to do the opposite of what they would have expected. Is Mastiff a face now? Who knows?

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley [c] vs. Toni Storm: This match was really good! Just some straight up hit them in the mouth kinda of wrestling. Anyone else finds it weird that Storm now looks like Taylor Swift with the new haircut? I kinda figured Storm would get the win here with her hairstyle probably “suggested” by the company but besides all that, they both were really good in this. Good show.

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne [c] vs. Joe Coffey: This one broke my heart a little bit. I’m a fan of Joe Coffey during his Defiant wrestling days and always figured he would be a Title guy. However, I didn’t think he had a chance in hell of winning the belt here. Dunne brought a lot with him and not surprisingly won the match. Joe is good but Gallus (The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang) really just seem like 3 guys they threw together to make a heel stable and fight off British Strong Style in 6 man matches. I never found any of them and real title threats. And  I guess Pete Dunne is a face now. Between this and the War Games match a little while back we can say he is a good guy. I think the WWE doesn’t keep some of their guys clear on that. Probably the biggest thing to happen was after the match when big WALTER showed up. This is what the show needs. Not even Walter himself, but a big clear cut threat to the UK Title. Walter vs. Dunne sounds like a good main event to me!

It was a good show, but as a first effort that is a lot to build off of. Now that WWE UK has this under their belt, it is time to see what else they can do with some of the building blocks now in place. Can’t wait to see what the next Takeover special from the UK brand will bring.


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