Bidding farewell to the year


I’m posting this as 2019 winds down and we go to 2020. Normally people take times like this and look back on the year and all the good things that have happened, but I normally don’t do that so this is going to be weird as I cobble together a look back of the past year.

I’m am glad of getting both my jobs at Top5 and as a writer for BodySlam. It doesn’t make me rich but there is some money coming in and it is better than nothing. I hope I can keep both for a long time. They can keep me busy and writing during much of the time but that is part of the deal. Both pay me to be creative and I can make a living getting to write for both places.

I didn’t get any books released this year but that kind of writing has left me rotten mentally. Maybe I will work on something new for 2020 but I just am not feeling it right now. I am proud of what I have written with all my books, but I am just not getting anything back from it. With both those writing jobs going on, I don’t usually have the time devoted to writing another book that will probably go nowhere anyway. Maybe that will change in the new year. Who knows?

Don’t really have any movie highlights for the year as I still don’t do movies that much, probably won’t in 2020 either. I might see some of the year’s movies when they come to TV or whatever but I’m not big into anything being released right now.

Wrestling is still my jam though and my job with Bodyslam keeps most of that stuff on there now, but I really like the NWA Powerr show that airs on youtube Tuesday nights. It is wrestling that harkens back decades ago and wrestlers like The Question Mark, Eli Drake, and guys like that keep me watching. That was a good thing that came in 2019 and there is something I hope continues on in 2020.

But most of all I hope 2020 is good to all of you and you all have a good year ahead.

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