Hopefully, there is some fun coming up!


Hey Gang! I’ve been feeling kind of crappy lately but nothing to worry about. I think I haven’t been eating right the last few days and I think I’m suffering a bit of malnourishment. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about and will probably talk to my doctor about that. Nothing to worry about it seems.

Another thing that has been floating around my head, besides feeling sick, is that the Superbowl is coming up in a few weeks. I’m not a big football fan but the event still gets my interest. I watch the game (and the commercials during the game) every year. Granted, there have been some real stinkers in recent years, but this one could be interesting. I’ve been watching long enough to remember the San Fransico 49’s of the 1980s with Joe Montana and their glory years, and have seen a lot of the old Superbowls from that era thanks to The NFL Network and Youtube. I’ve also seen the NFL Films showing of Superbowl 5 and the last time the Cheifs were in the big game and how much it meant for the AFL as it closed up. The Chiefs of today aren’t the team from 50 years ago, but they aren’t the losers that some make them out to be having been so long since their last Superbowl. It should be a fun event and hope it’s a good game!

The other thing that is coming up is the Royal Rumble in a few weeks! Granted the WWE hasn’t put on the best of shows the last few years but the shows usually are decent even if aiming at the wrong target. Even if the men’s rumble match fails to deliver, the women’s Royal Rumble is a good match too. There doesn’t seem to be a clean-cut winner of either match and that makes things more fun! I’m not a fan of having Brock Lesnar put himself as the first person in the men’s match, and fear most of the match will be focused on that, but a surprise may still happen. And as I said before, there is the woman’s match there to look forward to. Hopefully, it will still be a good show and have some pleasant surprises.

Either way, it looks like a couple of fun shows in the next few weeks. I hope they both are bigger than what is expected and a whole lot of fun!

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