Gotta do something when I’m stuck inside!


With times being what they are and not going anywhere. I find myself watching Youtube a lot. Granted I was watching Youtube stuff even before the coronavirus outbreak, but now with the “stay at home” order around the State and things like the wrestling I like to watch not really doing much new that is really worth my time right now, more than ever I am drawn to Youtube whether it is my usual stops that provide new contain like Rachael and Jun, Mikey Chen and Strictly Dumplings, or the like or something I just stumble across randomly like the different Restoration videos I like or old clips from a news story from back in the 1980s or something.

I know in the past I spoke about the problems that can come up with being a provider of content on the site. It is still an issue but this isn’t about that. In reality, those problems are something we just have to put up with. If things were as bad as people say, there are places now where providers can post their content as well. There are places like Facebook or Twitch for all those video gamers out there. There are plenty of places to get content when you are stuck in the house.

In times like these where I really can’t go to many places, this is the kind of thing I can do while I’m stuck at home and keeping away from people. I could write a book or something like that, but I don’t think I have another one in me right now. Let’s be honest, I’m not getting rich or anything off those books I have written, so what is the point in doing another one right now? Things only seem to go so far for me and after doing that so many times and not seeing anything take off and be big and successful I think I just run out of steam with that for a while.

But presently my issues aren’t that important. Hopefully, things will get back to normal eventually and we will be able to do things like we used to. But for now, at least it is just better to stay inside and watch some internet videos.

And spending some time (and dollars) on eBay. Have some fun with it and ordered myself some G.I.Joe figures. Those are fun to add to the collection while this pandemic is going on.

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