They are renaming them!

Hey Gang!

Despite all of this virus crap and being stuck at home (Literally not left the house in WEEKS) some bit of good news came in as it was announced last night that the NFL’s Washington Redskins were retiring the name and the logo and will be call themselves something else when the NFL gets going again.

But what will the team be called? There have been different ideas of what to call them and replace the name that I find pretty racist too. NFL fans have been saying the same thing for a long time and I gotta agree with them. Guess someone in the organization finally said they might as well change it to something else instead of sticking to that awful name to protect business interests and trying to convince us that the Refskins name wasn’t completely racist.

But what to call the team now?

Well, that opens up a whole new can of worms. There doesn’t seem to be any news of the team change actual locations (unless there is news I’m not hearing yet) so most of the ideas for a new name of the team gave them still located in Washington D.C. Maske your own jokes about that. If that is the case why not pick something representing the politics of people. Names like the Senators, the Governors, something like that? Maybe something more forceful likeWashingtoninton Army The Military, or even taking a cue from the XFL the D.C. Defenders? Then again I don’t think anyone wants a reminder of the XFL. Either version. Years ago I thought of something more original with the Pigskins. It is an original idea but I’m sure those with control of the situation will come up with something better than anything I can come up with. Whatever they come up with I hope it is better than the Redskins. That is from a time gone by and is a racist name and I’m happy to see it go.

Not to mention I’m in New England so I am cheering for the Patriots. Not like I’m a huge NFL fan anyway.

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