It’s still hot and miserable with the heat going on here and home Base. But something that broke my heart and made me cry a lot was the announcement of the death of Regis Philbin this past weekend.

I have been a fan of Regis for as long as I have been a Pro Wrestling fan. I remember first being shown Regis back when he had the morning show with Kathie Lee before the 1989 Royal Rumble. They were interviewing Jake Roberts for the first Royal Rumble PPV show. He didn’t win but that is beside the point. After that interview I watched them interview all kinds of people from the pro wrestling industry through the years. From WWF Champion Yokozuna to Steve Austin. I saw a lot of faces from the wrestling industry over the years. I knew Regis was a big fan. Hell, he had been a gust to Wrestlemania 7! It wasn’t until now I found out more about his history with the wrestling business after he passed. I have heard the story about Regis and “Classy” Freddie Blassie until now. I have seen the old clip of Regis showing off that weird finger of his thanks to Fred Blassie.

Outside of that, I watched him plenty of times when he hosted “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” I found him to be the perfect host that show. He was the big reason that became a recurring thing. The person they brought in after him couldn’t replace him and the show lost some of its zing when they replaced Regis.

Iy wasn’t until a few years later than I learned he went back longer then I realized at the time. I remember a clip from a Roman & Martins Laugh-In featuring a young Regis Philman and it was later on I read about his time on the Joey Bishop show. That was before I read about his own show he did before that.

But in watching him for all these years (Not as long as that), I began to discover he was having fun and cared about what he was doing. He wasn’t some brick wall, boring, block of ice. He got into what he did more than a lot of other people in that position. He not only hosted his shows, but he was just as entertained by them.

So at this point, I can give a hearty salute to Regis and send my best to his wife and all those that worked with him over the years.

Regis and Randy Save in 1988.

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