Well, it looks like Syntax really is an actual “ghost in the machine”. She was killed by Terra Nova and put into a metal form. Terra Nova likely picked her for Sven’s experiment because she would be easily missed regardless of how attractive the young woman was. If you’re in Vegas, what’s one missing showgirl among thousands? That was Sven’s philosophy. Don’t ask me why Tom is smiling holding her unconscious body. That was clearly taken before the procedure.

    Either way, it looks like Sara and the rest of the Starbolts are fixing yet another of Terra Nova’s leftover mistakes. I think I’ve lost count of how many nefarious plans the Starbolts have fixed since the fall of that terrorist organization. 

    So, what happens now? Well, Syntax is going to be uploaded into a new body. Norad, too. From there, Syntax is probably going to have to save Norad. After saving him and the nanobots, the future is unclear. Will she stay with the Starbolts? Will she leave and return to Las Vegas? That last one is extremely doubtful!

    I did talk to my co-writer, Sam about how Terra Nova seems to take in attractive women and turn them into weapons and do all sorts of experiments on them. We both figured it is a coincidence. Or it could be that Terra Nova likes to create femme fatales for their sick games. At least they are gone and now the Starbolts have to clean up what they left behind. Who knows what other loose threads Terra Nova has left hanging around? It’s hard to say. They have so many secrets! More are bound to be revealed, soon!

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