Hails and horns!

    Welcome to the 600th edition of the Starbolts! This week’s comic is special on many fronts. Not only does it show the birth of Sara and Firaxil’s daughter, Dendra. It’s also marking a new beginning for a few characters as well. This milestone comic also shows Crystal extending an olive branch to her old rival, Valentina. Just last comic she and Simon decided to take up residence at the academy. Val probably did not expect to see her so soon! I guess some people really can change. We’ll be seeing more of their interactions, soon.

    As far as Sara goes, she’s still suffering some anxiety from when Clive cut into her. That’s why her heart monitor went crazy. Luckily, she has Firaxil, Aquita and her medical team around to assist when the situation calls for it. Terra Nova left a mark on the poor lady. But, her life is going to change once things settle down. After all she just got a new baby. And that baby eventually grows up to be the pink time ranger who helped the Starbolts a while back. The circle is now complete!

    Now, what do we have in store for the future? Well, we’re not stopping any time soon. We have so much more story to tell. I hope you all stick around because this train is not stopping! Starbolts #600 marks a new beginning for our heroes. What more could happen in the comics to come?

Stay tuned! See ya next time!

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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