The Junk Drawer #3 – Now THAT’S a Fetish!

We’re still working on setting up the YouTube version, so click here to listen to the episode!

It’s time for a lot of fetish talk, including the strangest fetishes that each of us have come across!

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Damn Write! How to screw up a convention.

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Starbolts #426: Home Again

This week Shrall has a heart to heart talk with Richard Dastara, former Agent of S.T.A.R. and father of Jenna Dastara. Looks like the king is going to be sticking around. It’s probably for the best considering there’s a motley crew at the end of the comic. Whatever their deal is, they mean business. Whatever happens, I am sure the Starbolts will be up to the challenge!

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The Literary Lair: M*A*S*H Goes to London

Attention all personnel! Can the next entry in the M*A*S*H Goes To series earn back some of the goodwill that the last book lost?

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Damn Write! Viral by Mike Jeavons

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Starbolts #425: Surviving the Experience

Sufficed it to say that Angela here is the strongest of all the Starbolts. She has the ability to force the truth out of people, fly, shoot energy blasts and is an empath. Pretty strong, I have to admit. At least the info is out and it looks like Terra Nova and D.I.S.C.O.R.D. are one and the same. Who saw that one coming? Not me! Actually, I did. Haha.

Looks like Shrall is going to stick around to see that this organization crumbles. GOOD. We need heroes like him around.

Ellie’s training is also going well. We’ll be seeing more of her, too! So much stuff is happening. You can find all the info about the Starbolts here:

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Thespian Talk #196 (Breathing is Important)

After addressing what needs to be addressed, we talk about NIMBYs, a troll who’s looking for a fight, and more!

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The Junk Drawer: A Frank Discussion of Sex #2 – Sex Work Is Real Work

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Our first actual topic hits hard, as Gomer, Vi, and Steve talk about sex work and the ways sex workers help the economy, as well as parallels between online sex work and other forms of online content creation! Continue reading

Thespian Talk #195 (Debate Me, REBECCA!)

This week, we introduce a new co-host, Michelle, and we go over a good variety of fuckery, including the Trump administration’s latest ploy to get wall funding, parents who need to be slapped (or at least made fun of), and lots of bat guano!

Our show’s theme is “Broadway” by Josh Lippi & The Overtimers

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The Literary Lair: Remembrance of the Daleks (7th Anniversary)

The show hits its 7th anniversary as we take a look at one of the best stories of the Seventh Doctor’s era.

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