Damn Write! That Big Explosion

That big explosion in Maine that made all that news. Continue reading

Starbolts #449: Loose Threads

Looks like the drama from last week has wrapped up a little earlier. And none too soon as we have a bit of a detour coming. Well, more like another loose end that needs wrapping up. Hopefully, the Starbolts will take care of this as we march on toward Starbolts #450. Look for a lot of feels that week. So many feels. So many.

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At the Source: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux


How can something adapted so often be so hard to adapt?

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That Gosh-Darn Hippie Show

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How To Fix It: Sliders – Viewer Request Poll Winner

The results of the poll are in and the winner is…



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Damn Right! The Weirdest of Wrestling Flashbacks!


Maine Event Wrestling! Continue reading

Thespian Talk #210 (Mr. Waffles Told Me To Do It)

He also told Gomer to dig himself a hole somewhere. Though Mr. Waffles didn’t tell him to do the things he and Michelle talk about this week.

Council of Geeks “Who Gets to Tell Which Jokes? And Why?”: https://youtu.be/98psWRTtgso
Renegade Cut “The Outrage Is About Control, Not Breasts”: https://youtu.be/CSaPSuQyw2U

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Starbolts #448: Meet the In-Laws

Well, that was dramatic. Looks like Nisson Odanta has a wee bit of an issue with his son and soon-to-be wife. We’ll see how that plays out soon. However, I wonder what’s going on with Sara at the end of the comic. Meeting the future in-laws rarely goes well. Here’s hoping things patch up sooner rather than later.

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How To Fix It: Ackley Bridge – Episode 1

It’s Patreon sponsored review time once again and this time we head to the UK and check out a drama about a multicultural English high school.

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Damn Write! Some old doll clothes

Digging up some old stuff from when I was a kid. Continue reading

Starbolts #447: The Legacy of the Shield

This week Crystal and Marcus get a much needed history lesson from Andrea. It’s always a good idea to pay attention in history class…..especially if it involves superheroes. Those are probably the best lessons anyone could teach.  We also have Sara meeting the future in-laws. More on that next comic. We’ll be seeing just how they react and deal with being people out of time.

Expect drama!

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