Starbolts #456: Much Needed Advice

This week’s comic gives everyone a much needed chance to reflect on the crazy things that have happened in the last one hundred or so comics. I’m doing this because the next few comics are going to have even CRAZIER things going on. What kind of crazy things? Stay tuned!

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Musical Hell: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


A friendly neighborhood brothel becomes the target of a smear campaign, years before Yelp was even a thing.

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That Gosh-Darn Hippie Show

Title card by Cat Luniscia!

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BlackScarabFilmZ Presents: Spooky Tales & Tunes (1993)

Happy Halloween! It’s time to take another trip down the Tales & Tunes rabbit-hole, with their Halloween-themed entry!

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Damn Write! AniMaine!

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Starbolts #455: Dirty Little Secrets

Happy Halloween! This year’s Halloween comic is in canon as the villainous Cobra’s greatest secret has been revealed. The question is: When will the Starbolts find out about his devious misdeeds? Soon, true believers. Very soon! Stay tuned as important questions will be answered. Who are the missing Whitefox children? The answer will surprise you!

See you next time!

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The Literary Lair: The Monster Under Your Bed (Creepypasta Double Feature)

In the conclusion of the Creepypasta Double Feature, we cover a monster story that is truly beyond belief.

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Damn Write! Feeling kind of blah.

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Starbolts #454: Surprises on the Horizon

Here we have the aftermath of the reveal from last comic and it looks like we have the start of a mini story arc coming soon. What happened at Harris Labs? The Whitefoxes had more children? What happened to them? More will be revealed in time. Stay tuned!

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Damn Write! A quick buzz before my birthday!

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Starbolts #453: Out on the Town


The Starbolts’ ladies night out brings a special surprise for one of our heroines! It seems that the team has more to celebrate now! It is pretty exciting. Next week we’re going to see what’s going on with the guys. That should be a fun time as well. Stay tuned for that! It’s good to have a break from the drama. =D

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