Starbolts 2018 Preview of Coming Attractions

Looks like the Starbolts will be in for a story of galactic proportions in 2018. Will they be ready for what’s to come? I sure hope so. With the last story out of the way it’s time to go into space. I feel like I hadn’t done a space story in a while and it’ll be good to go out into the final frontier. See you out there!

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The Literary Lair: Angel Armor – The Cassandra Conflict

IT’S THE 150TH EPISODE! And Michael concludes Sequel Month by following up the last numerical milestone celebration.

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Behind the Scenes, Bloopers and Bullshit

It’s the next Bloody Chuckles Studios compilation of stuff we didn’t show you!

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Damn Write! That Holiday Season

Hope you are having a good time! Continue reading

Know the Score–Coco and the Greatest Showman

Another holiday season is upon us! How do these two film musicals fare?

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Starbolts #374: ‘Twas the Distraction before Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you and yours had a great holiday. If you do not celebrate, Happy Holidays to you! This week’s comic was fun to do. Although the rhyming was a little tricky sometimes. It was still fun.

Enjoy this week’s comic. More action is coming your way soon! Have a great Christmas, everyone!

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The Literary Lair: The Man with the Golden Gun

This week, Sequel Month continues as Michael finally returns to his original Christmas tradition.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Letters from the Labyrinth” Album Review

It’s the last TSO review! Letters from the Labyrinth!

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Trans- Siberian Orchestra “Dreams of Fireflies” Album Review

We’re getting close to the end! This is TSO’s Christmas EP “Dreams of Fireflies”!

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Starbolts #373: Requiem for a Witch


Is this the end of Zarantha? Time will tell. For now at least the witch got what was coming to her. The punishment fit the crime and now she has to pay. And pay she will. Bluestreak and Wildcat can breathe a little easier now. So can Ice Phoenix.

See you all next time!

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