How To Fix It: Blues Brothers 2000

This week, Michael is on a mission from god to prove that the sequel to the 1980 classic could have been a lot better than it was.

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Musical Hell: Portal 2 The Unauthorized Musical

Diva delves into the world of fan-based content, and she has assistance–whether she likes it or not.

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Starbolts #349: Slaves to Emotion

We are rapidly heading toward the special 350th edition of Starbolts! What will happen? Well, one thing is for sure. Things will never be quite the same for our heroes. There are going to be many twists, turns and road bumps on this winding road we call a storyline. There’s going to be a lot going on and it’s gonna be an interesting tale to tell as events from this arc will more than likely seep into the next one.

This week, though, we have Valentine acting a bit, well, crazy. I think she needs to see someone when it comes to love because you can’t win a guy like that and expect to be happy ya know. And it looks like Norad has issues of his own. There’s a lot going on as we march into the 350th comic! Stay tuned!

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Is Hellboy 3 really happening?! – Bulletoon Mini

It’s Riley’s turn for a Bulletoon Mini, and… well, this didn’t quite go as planned. But movies are fun, too! We get a look at the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, the official name of the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, and maybe some news on Hellboy 3?

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Riley – AxusX
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Speaker Brains: The Cranberries Retrospective

The Summer of The 90’s begins as Frank Del Vecchio returns to Speaker Brains for The Cranberries Retrospective!

Making a Champion: Tony Garea

Putting the belt on the man from New Zealand Continue reading

Fresh from the Basement: Top 10 Comedys

Travis and Frank are back in the Basement to talk about their favorite comedy’s!

The Literary Lair: The Caves of Steel

This week, Michael takes his first dive into the expansive literary canon of one of the most famous sci-fi authors ever, Isaac Asimov.

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Comic Showcase #48: X-Men Blue #1

The Literary Lair: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

This week, Mike travels to a galaxy far, far, away and looks at where the Star Wars Expanded Universe got it’s start.

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