BlackScarabFilmZ Presents: Barney – Waiting for Santa (1990)

At the end of the decade, we complete my childhood VHS tape holiday tradition and revisit the first thing I ever riffed.

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Damn Write! Christmas is almost here!

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Know the Score: Frozen II and Cats

This holiday we had Frozen II, which is a generally good sequel to a hit film. And Cats, which is…a thing that happened.

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That Gosh-Darn Hippie Show

Starbolts #461: The Gift

This week’s comic focuses on Jenna and her issues with her powers. Back in Starbolts #275, she had the ability to become a human torch thanks to some tinkering by a Nazi named Jade Skull. Her powers have been wonky ever since. Now she’s seeking the help of her father who was once the hero known as Cobalt.

There have been a lot of references to the Agents’ past in these last few comics. In the next storyline, the past, present and future will collide! Stay tuned! Oh and this week’s comic doubles as the holiday comic this year. Happy Holidays!

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The Last Jedi – The Literary Lair (Novelization Review)

The Skywalker Saga comes to a close this week, so let’s take a look at the novelization of the penultimate story to find out what was so contentious about it.

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Damn Write! THERE is the snow!

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Starbolts #460: Earth’s Mightiest

This week, the elder Whitefoxes take center stage! And it looks like the current Lady Liberty is going to make a few changes of her own, soon. Should make for an interesting comic next week!

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How To Fix It: Crisis on Earth-X

To commemorate the fact that we’ve finally reached the Crisis on Infinite Earths, let’s take a trip back to the Arrowverse’s first crisis on multiple earths.

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Starbolts #459: The Kids Are Alright

This week brings revelations a plenty for the Whitefox kids as they come to grips with the news. Everything is in reverse birth order as Crystal feels she can finally have kids with the man she loves, Sara tells Firaxil she is pregnant and Jack moves forward with Anya. Life’s looking pretty good for our heroes!

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Thespian Talk #214 (Attack Wasps)

It’s been literal years, but Kaylyn Saucedo (MarzGurl) joins the gang this week to talk about things like punchy customers, a major trucking company going under, and more!

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