Damn Write: Saying Goodbye to Regis

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Starbolts #490: Dueling Angels

It’s not every day you get confirmation that you will indeed be born some time in the not too distant future. That’s why Angelo is so happy in the last panel. As you can see, he definitely takes after his mother. He’s also living, breathing Centurion force to a certain degree. I really like how the conversation between the current Angela and Angelo turned out. The kid needed to hear from his mother and our Angela is the closest thing in terms of the mother he actually knows. He’s too far removed from that future Angela. Current Angela is basically the same person as Angelo’s mother. Dark Angela is not.

Speaking of her, I’m glad that both Angelas finally had it out. She vowed never to become that dark version of her. She’ll be fine under the tutelage of the Centurions. It’s a safe bet that the dark future that Dark Angela and Future Firaxil come from will be changed. Don’t you just love time travel?
As you may have guessed, we’re winding things down now. We’re marching on toward #500 and we’re planning to have some changes on the horizon. Good changes. And possibly even a wedding! Stay tuned!

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Subway Brought Back the McRib?! | Michael Tries

McDonald’s might be stingy when it comes to bringing back the McRib, but can Subway’s lookalike sandwich fill the void?

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Thespian Talk #228 (Foisted To The Piggly Wiggly)

We talk about lots of stuff that was formerly only in the realm of fiction, a guy whose idea of child discipline is VERY questionable, and a woman who protests a mask mandate in a VERY gross way.

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Damn Right: THAT was Extreme Rules?

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Starbolts #489: Nothing but the Truth


So much drama this week! First we have the much anticipated reunion between mother and son with Angelo and Angela. The talk is not done, yet. We still have Angela and Angela talking in a comic tentatively called “Dueling Angels”. More on that next week. For now we have Angelo having it out with his mother.

Meanwhile we have Firaxil confronting Sara with everything he has learned in his time in the void. Now he knows that she had an abortion about three weeks before she was rescued by him. Who is the father? Sam and I may reveal that in time. It’s honestly hard to say because Sola slept around. A lot. Didn’t matter who or what gender they were.

At least Firaxil and Sara appear to be on the mend. He accepts her and she’s grateful. But, wow was he cold for a few panels. Don’t worry. Things between them are fine!

See you next time for more drama!

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At the Source: Fun Home

Showing a story and singing it are two different things. Who knew?

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Black Butler: Parody of the Phantomhives

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Damn Write: Washington Redskins no More!

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Starbolts #488: Future Shock


Quite a few things happened this week. Angela is determined to not become like her future self. You could argue that seeing the destruction she caused may have pushed her to seek help in controlling her abilities. You can bet that before future Angela leaves, current Angela is going to have a few words with her. Look for that conversation to happen soon!

Then we had Sirak meeting his past self. He narrowly avoided having breakfast with both grandmas, his parents and his younger self. That was a close call because two Aquans and a Latina grandma could figure out Sirak’s identity pretty quickly. Good thing Dendra got him out of the fire!

We also caught up with the teen Starbolts. They’ve been witnessing all the craziness. There’s bound to be more coming. Do stay tuned!!

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A Story Short: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller – The Literary Lair

Instead of a book, this week we’re looking at an episode of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, featuring a familiar fable.

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