The Literary Lair: Welcome to Night Vale

This is a story about a podcast about a sleepy desert community. Welcome listeners…

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Second Glance Animated Review

Because self-torture makes you smart, I take a look at the 1992 Christploitation film, Second Glance!

Title Card:

Becky Hopkins: &


Main Review: Logical Sequence of Events – TeknoAXE
Credits: Bastardized Sinewaves (Remasterd) – TeknoAXE
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Fellow Kids Gag: 30 Rock

Bingo Gag: “Graceville Bingo Part 1” by TelePortland (

Party Time Gag: Titanic: The Legend Goes On

Jesus Man Gag: Stage Start (MMIII Remade) – RushJet1 (

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BlackScarabFilmZ Presents: The Brady Brides (1981)

It’s time for our first (of hopefully many) trips into the bizarre world of Brady Bunch spin-offs.

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Damn Write! Thank you Masa Saito

Another legends has left us. Continue reading

Starbolts #398: Lies of the Royalty

Who knew the bugs would be so evil? Well, I did. I mean…I wrote this comic. Still, the bad Inobe must know by now that they backed the wrong horse here. Luckily Firaxil saved Sabina, her sister and that random officer. It’s too bad the Inobe had to learn the hard way.

We’re still two comics away from the end of this story arc! Should be a good one so stay tuned!

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Thespian Talk #188 (That’s A Big Bladder)

Namio fills in for Cat as we talk about the latest political bullshit, a couple of truck driving stories, people who take movie theater seats too seriously, and a man with a 1,000 gallon bladder!

**Apologies for any audio snafus during this episode.**

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Know the Score: Hello Again

And now for something completely different.

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How To Fix It: Threshold

Another Patreon sponsored review this week, and this one brings us the worst episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

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Starbolts #397: For the Alliance

On the scale of one to ten on how screwed the bad Inobe are, I would say it is an eleven. They really backed the wrong horse here. The question is will they survive what’s coming? Probably not.

The story is winding down and I’ve got another one waiting in the wings. So, keep your eyes peeled because there is more action to come!

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The Literary Lair: Vintage Book Advertisements

This week, we take a look at some vintage advertisements for books!

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