How To Fix It: Sliders – Lipschitz Live!

This week, Mike does his yearly Sliders review, this time with the unlikely winner of the viewer request poll, Lipschitz Live!

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Cradle of Filth “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa” Album Review

It’s the next album in the Cradle of Filth Reviews!

This one is entitled…. Darkly…. Darkly…. Venus… AVERSA!!!!!!

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KMFDM “Hell Yeah” Album Review

It’s the new KMFDM album!

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Starbolts #362: Culture Shock

Ice Phoenix has finally returned to Earth and it looks like she’s having a bit of a culture shock. ┬áSeeing Angela and Crystal fresh from the gym didn’t help. Something is also happening with Roc. So, it looks like this saga isn’t quite over. Next time we head to Iran to figure out what exactly is happening! Looks like we’re in for a mystical adventure. Here’s hoping Idrak is up to the challenge!

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How To Fix It: Power Rangers – Dino Charge

In a world full of strife, Michael fights to survive Dino Charge and it’s squandered potential.

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Musical Hell: The Fantasticks


Try to remember what has made this musical so endearing–because the movie isn’t going to give you a clue.

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Cradle of Filth “Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder” Album Review

We continue the Cradle of Filth Reviews with this modern classic!

This one is entitled….. Godspeed…. On the Devil’s….. THUNDER!!!!!

Damn Write! Helping Texas

Give a little to help these folks out. Continue reading

The Literary Lair: The House of Secrets

This week, Mike takes a look at Brad Meltzer’s latest political thriller.

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Starbolts #361: Demon’s Run

Talk about a narrow escape! Looks like Talinn, Jack and their new friend Ice Phoenix are heading back home! This is only the beginning of the Ice Phoenix Saga. It’s said that she will remember who she is when she gets back to Earth. That begs the question. What kind of reaction will she have to Earth in the twenty-first century? Time will tell. Jack and the rest of the Starbolts will of course help her adjust. Stay tuned for more Starbolts action!

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