Damn Write! Strong Style Evolved!

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MHTV: Beauty and the Beast (Ten-er, ELEVEN Thousand Subscriber Special!)

This was originally intended to be a 10,000 YouTube Subscriber special, but life got away from me and you guys kept coming! So, here it is for all 11K of you. Join Golden Films as they present the classic tale of a beautiful girl who sees the kind soul within a monstrous creature–only they left out the “kind soul” part.

How To Fix It: Red Dwarf – Timewave

This week, Mike tackles a lackluster episode from Red Dwarf’s most recent series.

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Starbolts #384: The Return of the Royaly

They are back and in all new bodies! The Mosqukatara have returned in a big way and it means trouble for our heroes. What are they gonna do against the bugs? Time will tell. It does look like they have an ax or a phaser to grind doesn’t it?

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Damn Write! Rolling down the road to Wrestlemania!

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Starbolts #383: Man or Monster

With the aid of his lost love, Dennis er rather Firaxil is back to normal! However, he is without his fantastic super strength. How will he help the others in the fight against the bugs? Time will tell.

At least the Starbolts are whole once more. However, that was quite a feels trip. Been wondering if I should bring Sara back. Hmm. How would I do that?

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The Literary Lair: Doctor Who – The Nightmare Fair

It’s time to celebrate our sixth anniversary with a visit with the Sixth Doctor’s era and one of his lost episodes, featuring the return of an old nemesis.

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Musical Hell: The Hunchback of Notre Dame II


Disney spared Victor Hugo’s characters only to force them to suffer a worse fate.

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The Literary Lair: Tess of the Road

This week, Michael takes a look at a fantasy novel about a woman traveling the countryside with her transgender lizard friend and… just watch the video, it’s hard to explain in a short video description.

Alternate Video Description: This week, Michael takes a look at a fantasy novel that will hopefully stand the Tess-t of time. Didja see what I did there?

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Starbolts #382: Titanic Memories


Looks like Firaxil is on the road to recovery. But, here’s a blast from the past. Meet Sara Edwards. Sara was a member of the Starbolts who was killed off shortly after the comic started way back when. I originally had her in the prose version of the Starbolts. Originally she was the creation of a friend of mine. Sam (my friend) and I started talking recently and we thought it would be cool to bring her back. There’s one small problem. She’s dead.

Comics bring characters back all the time. Look at Jean Grey’s recent resurrection. You might recall that I had a dangling plot thread of a lady named Velocity who looks like Sara. I will have to see of I can fix that and make her Sara. We shall see. I haven’t decided, yet. Right now we should focus on one thing at a time.

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