Starbolts #317: Code Blue

Insert the name of your favorite hospital drama here. I couldn’t think of a decent name of a hospital show that best fit this week’s comic. So, I went with Code Blue. Seemed appropriate. =D A theme this week is really revenge. Revenge took hold of Nautilus and now he’s not thinking straight. Dennis here is teetering close to the edge of revenge. Crystal on the other hand is trying to keep a level head.  Let’s hope she can keep Dennis cool when they go to Kentucky.

That, however, won’t be for a while. We still got whatever Cobra and the Legion are up to. Should be a great adventure! Stay tuned!

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Adamania: A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away – Batman Season 1 Episode 11

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Damn Write! Soul goes to the matches!

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The Literary Lair: Star Trek – Killing Time

This week, we go back to the final frontier and boldly go into a Star Trek book featuring Romulans, Time Travel and slashfiction.

Starbolts #316: Night of the Nautilus

Finally Nautilus has come face to face with Manta! Will the Aquan be victorious against this revenge-filled underwater menace? Well, judging by the end, the Starbolt will soon have the home court advantage. The thing is, though, his electric powers don’t work underwater for obvious reasons. How will he defeat him? It takes more than powers to be a hero.

This week’s comic is the first of three that I scripted over the course of a week. Let this be a lesson to you. Always follow the muse and great things will happen. The comics in the coming week will include an ER type ep and a falling out of sorts. What will happen? Will Crystal be okay? How will Nautilus be defeated? Will Raven find out about how much of a jerk his mentor is? Well, now that would be spoiling things. All I can say is….

See you next time!

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Pre-Code Month: The Invisible Man – Episode 73

Published on Jul 12, 2016
Jess and Guru break down the madman of the Universal Monsters.