Starbolts #400: Turning Points

Presenting Starbolts #400! One story has ended and another will begin! Who is the mysterious woman at the end of this week’s comic? What connection does she have with Firaxil? We’ll find out the answers to those and other questions starting next week as we prepare for “The Return of Sara Whitefox”.

Two years ago the Starbolts lost a member of their team. Now she is poised to return. Will she be friend or foe? Stay tuned and find out!

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Damn Write! Summerslam and NXT picks!

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How To Fix It: Godmonster of Indian Flats
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God, Godmonster of Indian Flats sure is an incomprehensible movie, eh?

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The Hats of the Storyteller – Indy Christian Review

I was in one of those moods today, and needed to do something to lift me out of it, so for #TBT I made a compilation of all the hats that the Storyteller wore throughout the course of Indy Christian Review! Enjoy!

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Damn Write! The new WOS Wrestlling show.

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Starbolts #399: The Unthinkable

We are just one issue away from Starbolts #400! One storyline will end and another will begin promptly afterward. The Starbolts won’t have time to breathe! That’s okay. It’ll all be worth it everyone. How are they going to come back from losing a planet? Well, something is going to happen soon to boost the team’s morale. Something major. I’m not going to spoil it. You’ll just have to keep reading!

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Musical Hell: Sextette

Mae West’s swan song hits a lot of sour notes.

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The Literary Lair: Quantum Leap – Search and Rescue

This week, we leap into another Quantum Leap book, where both Sam AND Al get to partake in the leap.

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Damn Write! WWE’s Evolution Announcement

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Comic Showcase #54: Action Comics #1000