Thespian Talk #182 (Creep Factor Four)

A Kentucky lawmaker is bringing attention to the unfairness of certain laws in a very good way, a man in Florida does all of the wrong things in order to get the attention of a woman he finds attractive, our thoughts on the PewDiePie drama, and more!

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Know the Score: Oscars 2017

Another year, another Oscar-cast! The question of “La La Land” is finally addressed!

The Literary Lair: M*A*S*H Goes to New Orleans

This week, Michael returns to the 4077th to take a look at the 3rd M*A*S*H book, featuring Hawkeye, Trapper and the gang heading to a medical convention in New Orleans. Naturally , hi-jinks ensue.

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Starbolts #339: No Rest for the Wicked

As Crystal and Marcus rejoice in their return home, the captured baddies have decided to make their move! Will they succeed with their plan to take the station? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Norad has them cornered. However, Cobra did say something about enhancements. What could he have been talking about? Good question. We’ll find out soon enough!

I wanted this comic to show how Crystal got her new uniform. I think Marcus’s mom would make a great Edna Mode. =)

More action coming soon!

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Fresh from the Basement: Top 5 Horror Movies

In episode 2, Frank and Travis talk about their 5 favorite horror movies!

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Crunchyroll Expo | Steam Direct | Castlevania – Bulletoon Weekly

The twins return for a weekend full of geekdom, as they cover Netflix’s Castlevania announcement, Valve’s new replacement for Steam Greenlight, and Crunchyroll’s upcoming convention! All this and more on Bulletoon Weekly!

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
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First Listen: Gorillaz “Hallelujah Money” Song Review

A new Gorillaz album is on the way and we talk about the new song “Hallelujah Money”!

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Starbolts #338: Dawn of the Wildcat

Now that Crystal is back at the Starbolts’ space station, something awaits her! After all she had been through over the past week, she finally gets what’s coming to her: a promotion and a new uniform. Not bad for being in exile. However, something else seems to be on the horizon. What could the Whitefoxes be planning? We’ll see soon enough.

More action is coming. I thought this comic would serve as a bit of downtime for our heroes. Lord knows they need it. Plus I wanted to set things up for Crystal down the road. Should be fun!

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First Listen: Mastodon “Show Yourself & Sultan’s Curse” Song Review

A new Mastodon album is coming! So here’s what we think of the two new songs!

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Batman Director | My Hero Academia | Fire Emblem Heroes – Bulletoon Weekly

Rila and Riley return with a brand new episode on the new Batman film’s director search, the release of Fire Emblem Heroes, and the upcoming second season of My Hero Academia! This and more on Bulletoon Weekly!

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
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Disney Releases Final Trailer For Live-Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’
Ben Affleck No Longer Directing ‘The Batman’
The ‘Lego Movie 2’ Taps ‘Trolls’ Director
Temuera Morrison In Talks For Key ‘Aquaman’ Role

Marvel Gives Rocket Raccoon An All-New Series
DC Signs Javier Fernández & Jorge Jiménez To Exclusive Deals
Image Expo Unlikely For 2017, Announcements Planned For ECCC
Marvel Solicitations (February 1)
DC Solicitations (February 1)

CW’s ‘Charmed’ And ‘Lost Boys’ Reboots Pushed Back Another Year
Black Lightning Lands Official Pilot Order At The CW After Fox Backs Out
Marvel Announces Main ‘Runaways’ Cast

Yen Press To Publish Horimiya Artist’s ‘Ne Ne Ne’ Manga Simultaneously With Japan
Toriko’s ‘Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’ Launches New Comedy Manga In April
‘My Hero Academia’ Anime’s 2nd Season Premieres On March 25
North American Anime,Manga Releases (January 29 – February 4)

Overwatch’s Lúcio Becomes Newest Character In Heroes Of The Storm
‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Is Now Available On iOS And Andriod
‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Will Feature A Single-Player Campaign, Multiple Eras