The Literary Lair: The Greatest Gift

This week, we look at the source material for my absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life.

Musical Hell: Christmas is Here Again


Hey, remember when there was no Christmas for like thirty years until a cloying orphan and her assorted companions brought it back? No? Well, according to this movie it happened. So there.

Adamania: Give ‘Em The Axe – Batman Season 1 Episode 24

Can Batman and Robin escape peril in time to sort out the Riddler’s nefarious plot and foil him? Frank Gorshin Guest stars as the Riddler.

CW Crossover | Symmetra Patch | Cardcaptor Sakura – Bulletoon Weekly

The Bulletoon Twins return, this week, for an episode on the Arrowverse crossover, Blizzard’s announced updates on the new maps and Symmetra patch, and an upcoming Cardcaptor Sakura anime that has Rila bouncing. Much bouncing. Lots of bouncing. Ready to Toon In?

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Damn Write! New Tenchi Muyo stuff

2016 logo

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Thespian Talk #178 (So That Happened…)

So yeah… the election happened…

But so did a bunch of other messed up stuff, so… there’s that.


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The Literary Lair: The Dominators

This week, a few days after Doctor Who’s 53rd anniversary, we take a look at the novelization of Patrick Troughton’s weakest episode.

Adamania: The Ring of Wax – Batman Season 1 Episode 23

The Riddler is back and up to his old habits. Will this finally be the time that he finishes the Dynamic Duo? Frank Gorshin guest stars.

Danganronpa | Kong | Pokemon Sun & Moon – Bulletoon Weekly

Rila and Riley return with more on Pokemon Sun & Moon, the new Skull Island trailer, and the upcoming Danganronpa spin-off game! Also Guardians of the Galaxy, Hayao Miyazaki, and more! Stay Tooned!

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Schlock & Terror: A Retrospective of Video Nasties – Axe!

In this episode, Bob Ross has to survive the rapist Blues Brothers, a thirteen year old axe-wielding model in her twenties, and a paralysed grandpa in a staring contest with the camera. Trust us, it still doesn’t make sense in context.