The Literary Lair: Doctor Who – Ghost of Christmas Past

The poll is over and a winner is chosen, an often overlooked Doctor that we haven’t covered on the show before.

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Starbolts #413: The Morning After

The morning after a party is always rife with drama. Who went home with whom. What happened the night before? Why does a government stooge need to mess with everything? We’ll find out the answer to the last one soon. My friend, Sam and I wanted to work on building Crystal and Sara’s relationship. I think we have a good start. It’s just a shame Gladstone had to wreck it all. We’ll find out what’s up with him, soon. That and find out what a red aura is all about.

Stay tuned!

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BlackScarabFilmZ Presents: Hanukkah Tales and Tunes (1994)

Just in time for the latter half of the holiday, we take a step back into my childhood to look at a bizarre Chanukah themed VHS tape.

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Starbolts #412: A Party in the Stars

Sara’s back and the Starbolts couldn’t be happier to see their old friend. However, this is just the calm before the storm for our heroes. The threat Clive Marshall poses is on the horizon. Plus we have a few other issues to resolve. How did Sara show up at the old embassy if she didn’t have powers? These mysteries will be solved in time. For now the Starbolts are happy to have their friend back. There’s so much to catch up on!

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How To Fix It: Batman Series (Burton/Schumacher)

Doctor Who Christmas Poll:

We return to Patreon sponsored reviews to take a crack at fixing the original Batman film series.

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Musical Hell: A Christmas Carol the Musical


Yeah, you knew there had to be one of these.

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The Roommate From Hell

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