Adamania: Batman Stands Pat – Batman Season 1 Episode 14

Having escaped the Mad Hatter’s deadly trap, Batman and Robin must now track the Hatter down and stop him before he can complete his evil scheme.

Starbolts #320: Dr. Marshall, I Presume

Today we delve into the secret origin of the Legion’s femme fatale, Valentine! It turns out her origin isn’t what we expected. She comes from a rich family and said family has ties to a terrorist organization. That’s never good. Still, what could the Legion want with Dr. Marshall now? We’ll find out soon enough!

I also wanted to draw parallels between her and Crystal. They are there. Also, note Valentine’s change in wardrobe. I thought since she was cut up, she should have some sort of protection. It’s also weird to have a super villain hiding out in Lawrence, Mass. You’d think they’d be in a more remote location.

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Thespian Talk #172 (Boosting the Boost)

After a month of things kicking their asses, Gomer and Cat finally manage to put together a show! Featuring such topics as a woman who reacted too quickly to a GPS, robbers who got outsmarted by a shopkeeper, the worst boyfriend ever, your questions answered, and more!

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How To Fix It: Suicide Squad

This week, Mike takes a look at DC’s latest outing and sees if it’s good, or at least better than Man of Steel…

The Runaways Series | Jerome Returns | Metal Gear Survive? – Bulletoon Weekly

Are you ready to Toon In? Rila and Riley are back with a week in review, talking about everything from the Gamescom reveal of Metal Gear Survive, to the return of the Joker’s infamous precursor in Gotham. All this and more, on Bulletoon Weekly!

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
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Damn Write! The Olympic Boxing clean up

2016 logo

Getting out of a dark shadow. Continue reading

The Literary Lair: The Ashes of Eden

This week, we take another trip back to the final frontier to look at a Trek book written by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner.

Monster and the Family: “Bitch Slap Me, Jesus” Music Video

A new Music video for my song “Bitch Slap Me, Jesus”! It’s from my new album “Georgia Low Life!”

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Know the Score: From Doctor Horrible to She Loves Me-A Brief History of Musicals on the Web


An overview of all the surprising, wonderful ways the musical is entering the digital age.

Starbolts #319: In Umbra’s Shadow

How badass is an android who doesn’t know he is a badass? Norad here doesn’t really understand the concept of a badass. You could tell him “It means you kick butt” and he’ll take it literally. Powerful android, sure. But, he doesn’t quite get all the nuances of being human yet. Given time, I am sure he will adapt and become more human.  He has the capability to learn and this will in turn make him more human, which is one of his goals.

As far as Umbra goes, now we know what his deal is. Well, part of it. There’s still a bit more we need to uncover about the guy. Why does he want Crystal’s file? How is that the smoking gun he’s talking about? Just how paranoid is this guy? Does he really think the Starbolts can’t be trusted? So many questions and they’ll all be answered in time.

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