Starbolts #529: Rise of the Phoenix


    Jenna has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and so that will be her new code name. It suits her and that bird-like costume is purely a coincidence. I think I’ll make minor alterations as time goes by. Perhaps I’ll include a bird-like image on the chest.  The white spot is where her mouth would go. It’s not a full helmet. It’s a decent design. I’ll probably change it a little. Phoenix is also a cool code name, too.  I was struggling to think what I could use for a name and then I thought Phoenix was cool. Sure a member of the X-Men has used it. But, here’s the thing. Jenna hasn’t been replaced by a cosmic entity nor is she going to go crazy and destroy stuff. Her phoenix is more like the bird of legend and less like the X-Men character.

    M’anta and Jenna definitely had a happy reunion here and we’ll be sure to catch up with them next week. We’ll need some closure on that front and maybe we’ll see the suit in action! No maybes about it. I want to see those wings! That should be cool! I also liked writing that bit with Richard and M’anta. Richard is basically a surrogate dad to him now that his father Sirak is gone. So he’s been helping the poor guy out when he’s troubled. Sure he’s eccentric sometimes but he cares and that’s the important thing!

    Though, part of me is sad that we never got to see Bruce Springsteen play for Crystal. HAHAHA! Nah, I think she’s fine either way.

See ya next time!

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Musical Hell: Basmati Blues

Do you love Bollywood? Then you’ll hate this.

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Cafe Himbo Cookbooks

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Millennium Book I: The Fall of Terok Nor – The Literary Lair

For our first foray into the novelverse of Deep Space Nine, we start with the beginning of a trilogy featuring a mysterious dead Andorian, guest stars from TNG, and Bajoran religious artifacts!

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Damn Write: It’s all coming back to me now.

It had recently come up in my other job to write a list. And with news he had passed away, I did a list of Jim Steinman songs that he wrote or whatever. He is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, His songs told some incredible stories and stuck to my heart many times. But one of his songs that still strikes me is this.

It’s the only Celine Dion song I get into as it brings back to the late 1990s and one weekend I traveled down to Toys R Us. It still makes me cry a bit when I remember that story, and it doesn’t tell the story the song tells but it is still a part of me.

It all starts back in 1997 or something like that, I have said on here many times that one of the things I collect are Gi Joes figures from the ’80s and ’90s, and at this point in time, they weren’t being made anymore and hasn’t for a few years at this point. Well, I get told by my best friend that they are coming back to Toys R Us stores. Where I am that is an hour away in either direction and I don’t drive. Bummer. Well, my friend asks me if I want to go to the store down south and check them out with him. HELL YEAH! So we get together and drive down to the one in Portland Maine. About an hour south and check out their TRU. As soon as I go through the doors THIS song plays on the loudspeaker:

I immediately start looking down the aisles and can’t find them until the end cap one of the aisles and there they are. I remember I picked up the Silver Mirage motorcycle with the Duke figure and the Trouble Bubble that had a Viper figure with it. The Vehicles may be gone now but I still have both figures. Once my purchase was made (and my friend picked up some Transformers stuff for himself) we eventually drove back home and like the song said It was all coming back to me now (Well then but you get the point.)

Ever since that moment I’ve always kept this version of the song close to my heart. Geeky as Hell but having that as the soundtrack to what became a special moment for me was an incredible moment like Jim wrote about in that song and writing down a memorial to him after his passing and running across the song again made me cry and remember that memory.

So RIP Jim Steinman

And Thank you.

Read Cityscape Tokyo to find out how the two teens and their guardians have to survive and watch out for each other when the company’s dark past comes back to haunt the kids and their guardian once again and make for an incredible adventure in Cityscape Tokyo! Now available on the Bull Moose website!

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Starbolts #528: From the Ashes


    It’s finally begun! Jenna has been cured of the ailment that has plagued her since the mid 200s of this webcomic. It all started way back in Starbolts #239 and ended with Jenna’s powers getting out of whack. Ever since her victory in Starbolts #275, her powers have been out of control. So, now what? What’s going to happen next? Well, like a phoenix she has rose from the ashes. She’s not going to be reclaiming her role as Lady Liberty as Crystal has settled into the role. She’ll create a new name for herself and we will see what that’ll be in the next couple of comics. Phoenix has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

I really liked how the interaction with Stan and Jenna’s father, Richard played out. As you can see Sara was smiling a bit in one of the panels. If there wasn’t confirmation that she takes after her father, then that’d be it. 

Anyway, now that Jenna is finally cured, what’s nice for our fiery heroine? Stay tuned!

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Damn Write: 4/20 has a different meaning to me.

So I have been sick. My guess is that I am not getting enough of something in my system. Don’t know what but I am having back issues at the same time so I am not moving around very fast or walking real steady. I did have a CAT scan done but the object of THAT seems to be different than that or something. I did get a call that the images came to my doctors and they didn’t sound like they found anything unusual so it seems like I don’t have cancer or anything.

On a completely different topic

I learned this morning that on this date in 1987 GI joe the movie was released. The real movie not one of those live-action horror shows or whatever. The animated movie. It didn’t get shown in the Theater or anything and was mostly shown in bits on the syndicated cartoons on TV. I am a big fan of this movie and it has had it effect on me going back to when I was six years old when it was released. I have seen it multiple times and remember it well. In my big collection of GI Joe figures I have pretty much guessed my first one was Lt. Falcon from that movie. Sure that figure has seen better days and I recently got a new one in better shape but I still have that original one. I still have that original GI Joe comic book too somewhere. Never subscribed to it but I got hooked on those too. A lot of things happened when I saw that movie that are still with me today. Sure it may have come out 34 years ago but for me, it came out in a time that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Even today that movie is still something I remember even if I didn’t see it in the theaters. Heck, the place I saw movies back then isn’t even around anymore.

But thanks to that movie, a lot of my life was shaped from then on.

Thanks, guys for taking this little trip into the past with me and remembering the good times.

Read Cityscape Tokyo to find out how the two teens and their guardians have to survive and watch out for each other when the company’s dark past comes back to haunt the kids and their guardian once again and make for an incredible adventure in Cityscape Tokyo! Now available on the Bull Moose website!

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Starbolts #527: Fighting My Way Back

    Firaxil has finally returned from his two month-long mission to New Inobus and as you can tell he missed Sara very much *ahem*. Yeah. Probably would have been a good idea to wait a little bit before barging into the middle of class, Firaxil. Just saying. Then again the big guy misses his wife. Who can blame him for barging in like he owned the place. 

    As you can see we have ten New Starbolts. That’s almost the same amount of teens the Starbolts had before adding Tanis to their ranks. The Starbolts had fifteen. The New Starbolts might get there at some point. That’s always a possibility. New metahumans are popping up every day. Who know who else is out there? And since Terra Nova is gone, it’d be a lot easier for the Starbolts to find and locate metahumans for training.

    Next let’s talk about the new Inobe Centurion. We didn’t want to leave poor Victo alone right after he got his powers. So, we gave him a week before Firaxil headed back home. Makes sense. He’ll do a great job as a Centurion and if worse comes to worse, he can always ask Firaxil for help.

    Slowly but surely the Starbolts are returning home. Next up we check in on Jenna and finally get her powers straightened out. 

See ya next time!

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Know the Score: Why Rocketman Works (Even Though it Feels Like it Shouldn’t)

How another jukebox bio-musical avoids being just another jukebox bio-musical.

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Thespian Talk #249 (Salty Drama Watch)

We have drama! We have a troll! And we have… nuance and discussion? The hell, you say?

Apologies for any glaring audio issues, as this was recorded as though we were live on Twitch and Gomer’s still working out the audio kinks with his soundboard.


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Sliders: To Catch a Slider – How To Fix It

In the Sliders review that NO ONE was asking for, we cover the episode that kept losing the yearly poll. Don’t worry, it’s still plenty bad.

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