The Gospel Films Archive – Indy Christian Review

The Storyteller tries to take a look at some restored classic Christian films.

Damn Write!: Looking at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool

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Starbolts #417: The Mad Scientist’s Agenda


The trial of Sara Whitefox is certainly heating up as the Starbolts are brought up to speed on the goings on with their friend and teammate. More bombshells are bound to drop as secrets will be revealed and lives will be changed forever. The good news is that there will be light at the end of this dark tunnel. Here’s hoping it’s soon! For now the time has to contend with one really bigoted general with an ax to grind.

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The Case for Christ: Indy Christian Review

The Storyteller returns to set things right!

Starbolts #416: The Terra Nova Girls

The truth about Sara Whitefox has finally been revealed. Too bad Gladstone has a problem. What’s his problem? Well, among other things this guy can’t read the room very well can he? That’s his problem. He’s a jerk. He will be dealt with very soon.

Not a lot of action this week. This comic is 400 issues since Sara’s disappearance. Man, it’s been a long time. A very long time! Now on her anniversary she has to deal with the fact that Clive Marshall is her father. That has got to suck. How is she gonna deal with this news? We’ll find out sooner than you think!

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The Literary Lair: Superman – Last Son of Krypton

We ring in the new year with a book about one of the most hopeful characters ever created, Superman!

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Musical Hell: The (Other) Phantom of the Opera


Mockbusters! They’re not just for movies anymore!

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T and M Comics

The Roommate From Hell

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Damn Write! WrestleKingdom 13

A look at the big show in Japan! Continue reading

Starbolts 2019 Preview

Happy New Year! The Starbolts have gone through a lot in the past year and it looks like it’s going to get even more interesting really quickly. Who is Ellie? What does she have to do with anything? She seems to be a fan of the Starbolts. Will she have a part to play in the future? So many questions. So little time! They’ll of course be answered!

So stay tuned!

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The Literary Lair: Another Top 10 Literary Lair Episodes

Before 2018 ends, it’s time to reflect on some of my favorite episodes of the show thus far (or at least since the last list).

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