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Starbolts #386: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A question plagues Firaxil. Should he stay on this planet with his people or should he go back with the Starbolts? Looks like fate decided to answer for him as he just became a newly minted member of the Centurion Corps! Now that’s awesome!

Question is what is that mysterious voice calling him and why is it using “Dennis”……

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Thespian Talk #187 (Live for the Arts!)

We finally return with a full episode, in which we talk about bestiality laws, work stories, and drugs that were found in a place you wouldn’t expect! All this and more!

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How To Fix It: Iron Man 2

As Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters later this month, Mike tackles the first sequel that got the ball rolling for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Damn Write! Man my picks were terrible!

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The Literary Lair: A Study in Scarlet

Elementary, my dear viewer, this week Mike solves the mystery of whether or not the first published Sherlock Holmes story holds up.

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Comic Showcase #53: Top Ten Avengers

How To Fix It: Wild Hogs

This week, Mike tackles a movie that was born to be… mildly entertaining.

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Damn Write! Wrestlemania 34 Prediction time!

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Musical Hell: The Return of Captain Invincible (SIXTH ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR!)


Disillusioned ex-alcoholic superhero and underdeveloped love interest vs. Christopher Lee singing. Talk about being outclassed.

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