Damn Write! Feeling Grumpy

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Starbolts #433: Moving Forward

This week’s comic is all about moving forward with their lives as Sara and Firaxil take a much needed vacation on New Inobus. It looks like Firaxil may be starting to take their relationship to the next levels. Hmm…I wonder what will happen.

Then we have Crystal realizing that she has a bit more to do to unlock her full potential as a heroine. What will she do? Time will tell. That She-Ra gag is a one-off thing. Don’t expect me to do it much.

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At the Source: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy


It’s a complicated Russian novel, but we’ll try to hit the key points.

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Damn Write! All hail the (Silver) King.

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Starbolts #432: Sisterly Bonds

Sara and Crystal have every reason to celebrate this week as they embark on the next stage of their lives. Crystal’s in a better place with Marcus. Firaxil has taken Sara to New Inobus. We’ll be following the adventure on that planet for sure as the Starbolts will be busy moving back to Earth. It’s about time our heroes returned. The question is what are they gonna do with the space station after they are gone. Well, they can give it to the Alliance. We’ll see.

For now this slice of life comic is a calm change of pace from the crazy drama we’ve had the last few comics. Enjoy!

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Thespian Talk #199 (Complete Horseshit)

We’re one away from Episode 200, so what do we do? Bring up some horseshit! Literally!

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Damn Write! Buns in the Oven.

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Pokémon Red Randomizer #7 – Can’t Refuse

The episode naming tradition is OFFICIALLY broken! And we get another choice, but this is one I literally cannot refuse!

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How To Fix It: Avengers – Age of Ultron

This week, Michael tackles the most polarizing of the four Avengers films… No, not the Ralph Fiennes one!

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Musical Hell: Pokemon Live


Ash sings! Pikachu dances! Diva is perplexed by it all!

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