Starbolts #458: Like Mother, Like Father

This week, the startling secret has been revealed! Who are the missing Whitefox children? Well, this week we find out! I didn’t feel the need to drag this one out because of what we have planned later down the road. Look for more reaction in the next few comics! Stay tuned!

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Thespian Talk #213 (They’re Praying To Eleven)

After several weeks, our trio talks about a bit of politics, a bit of Pokémon, a bit of school perverts, a bit of a jealous woman who takes her aggression to a new level, a church that’s very vigorous about their worship, and more!

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At the Source: The Newsboy Strike of 1899


Labor negotiations, Disney-style!

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That Gosh-Darn Hippie Show

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How To Fix It: Red Dwarf – Back to Earth

To commemorate a few milestones, including Red Dwarf coming back once again, we take a look at the last Red Dwarf special, Back to Earth!

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Damn Write! AniMaine 2019

My one day to the AniMaine convention!

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Starbolts #457: The Missing Whitefox Children

Looks like we’re getting close to the reveal of who the missing Whitefox children are! I wasn’t planning on dragging this out. However, it’s nice that we got some much needed backstory for Dr. Benjamin Harris. Got to admit. I feel bad for the guy because he tried to give his friends so much and it ended up being a disaster.

Now, how are Crystal and Sara going to react to the news? Stay tuned and find out!

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Starbolts #456: Much Needed Advice

This week’s comic gives everyone a much needed chance to reflect on the crazy things that have happened in the last one hundred or so comics. I’m doing this because the next few comics are going to have even CRAZIER things going on. What kind of crazy things? Stay tuned!

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Musical Hell: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


A friendly neighborhood brothel becomes the target of a smear campaign, years before Yelp was even a thing.

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Title card by Cat Luniscia!

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BlackScarabFilmZ Presents: Spooky Tales & Tunes (1993)

Happy Halloween! It’s time to take another trip down the Tales & Tunes rabbit-hole, with their Halloween-themed entry!

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