Thespian Talk – Episode 140 (Varsity Politics)

This week finds Gomer and Cat talking about a school who won’t let a special needs student have a varsity letter, Georgia attempting to emulate Indiana (and FAILING), a Monsanto spokesman who was hoist by his own petard, and more!

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The Spazfox Sleep Experiment – Test 2

The Spazfox Sleep Experiment is designed to test the effects of sleep deprivation via large quantities of alcohol and cheesy video games, specifically on Spazfox.

Test 2: Duke Nukem Forever


Gomer Plays Super Win The Game (Part 4: Post-Game Pressure!)

The Hollow King is saved, but the Wizard got away! Gomer heads to the lava world to confront him once and for all!

March Metal Mayhem: Black Sabbath Album Review

For March Metal Mayhem we review what is considered to be the first Heavy Metal Album EVER!

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Gomer Plays Super Win The Game (Part 3: Hollow King Appears!)

After getting the final pieces of the Hollow King’s heart, Gomer confronts the Wizard responsible for it all!

How to Fix It: Life on Mars (U.S.)

This week on How to Fix It, we ask the question, is there Life on Mars? I dunno, but this show is pretty out of this world…

Magic Steve & Monster Review: SURGE!

Ripley’s Riches: March Loot Crate (COVERT)