What the F@#k?!?! – Episode 143

Gomer Plays Portal 2 – Episode 3 (The Escape!)

With some assistance from Wheatley, it looks like escaping GLaDOS will be a real–wait, what are you doing, Wheatley?

LGPAP Portal: Organs

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Portal

Lost in the Static – Episode 187: TV Series Too Nuts to Believe

As part of an older Generation Scott and Josh sometimes find it difficult to explain some older TV series to the youth of today… here are some examples.

Gomer Plays Portal 2 – Episode 2 (Revenge on the Sentries!)

In this episode, Gomer discovers, among other nifty things, a way to actively destroy the sentries without an Emancipation Grid. Joy will be had.

**Note: Never mind anything I say about cutting out loading screens. I ended up changing my mind in post. Episode 3 onwards will have some kind of talking during the loading screens.**

Radiodrome – Episode 168: The Uneasy Transition

When you go from one format to another, from one standard to another, why does it tend to be an uneasy transition rather than a smooth one?

Musical Hell FLASHBACK: Phantom of the Opera

It’s time to dip into the Musical Hell vault, as we take a look back at the Phantom of the Opera review from January 2013.

Want to learn more about this episode?  Then check out its sweet commentary track!

Gomer Plays Portal 2 – Episode 1 (Chell Go Down The Hole!)

Gomer begins a (nearly) blind run of Portal 2! In this part, he makes his way through the rooms he’s already played before, then starts getting into unknown territory!

**Note: Never mind anything I say about cutting out loading screens. I ended up changing my mind in post. Episode 3 onwards will have some kind of talking during the loading screens.**

What the F@#k?!?! – Episode 142

Nightcrawler #1 Review


There is only one threshold left to cross in order to complete my transition back to Marvel, and that’s to pick up an X-Men comic. However, it’s still going to be a long time before I pick up one of the main X-books because, if you think Spider-Man’s book has been f*cked all to hell, you ain’t seen nothing yet. However, solo titles featuring single X-Men characters, those aren’t so intimidating. I was approaching this with a great deal of trepidation, that was until I saw that the writer for this thing was none other than comic book legend and long time X-Men writer, Chris Claremont. There is literally no one I trust with the X-Men more than this man. Knowing that Claremont is involved with this project makes me feel like we’re in safe hands. Are we? Only one way to find out.

So, Nightcrawler. Up until recently, he was dead, but he got better. I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar enough with the X-Men to know who Nightcrawler is, but just in case, here’s the run down. Kurt Wagner is a mutant from Germany who is devoutly religious despite his demonic appearance with the ability to teleport. There’s more to it obviously, but for the purposes of this comic, that’s all you really need to know.

We open with Nightcrawler and his best friend, Wolverine in a sparring match. A lot has happened since Kurt’s been away, namely, Wolverine has lost his healing factor. So far the fight is just a routine sparring match in the danger room, but Logan’s inability to heal from injuries he used to just shrug off throws him into a frenzy and makes him pop his claws, even though doing so now causes him excruciating pain. Fortunately, before Nightcrawler can die yet again, Storm intervenes and calms Logan down. Nightcrawler feels for his friend, but talking to Storm puts a smile on his face and makes him feel happy to be back.

Next we find Kurt exploring the halls of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learningand chatting with some old friends, including a very nice scene between him and Rachel Summers. After that, we find Kurt in Manhattan checking in on a girl named Amanda, apparently his love interest. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with this character, I haven’t read any X-Men books in a while. Frankly, I’m more concerned with why the hell Nightcrawler is now surrounded by mini-Nightcrawlers. Seriously, what the hell are those things. Are they his children? Are they psychic projections? Are they clones that came out one eighth his size? Are they nightmarish hallucinations brought on by a combination of prescription drugs and some bad pork I ate last night? Seriously, what the actual hell are those things?

Nightcrawler and Amanda reunite with a kiss, but, as has been known to happen, they’re interrupted by a guy in a giant mech suit. The bad guy is apparently here for Amanda but Kurt is not about to let that happen and engages in a pretty impressive fight scene. Also, apparently the little mini-crawlers are called “Bamfs.” Thank you, that was helpful. Anywho, our comic ends with the guy in the mech suit getting barried under a collapsed ceiling and Nightcrawler teleporting away with Amanda to get to the bottom of this.

What Works:

The scenes where Nightcrawler is interacting with the X-Men as well as the fight scene are pretty enjoyable.

What Doesn’t:

I feel like the stuff happening around this comic is holding it back. I found myself very confused most of the time while reading this. That could be mostly my fault as I haven’t read X-Men comics in years, but it still bothered me. The artwork is okay, but a little cartoony for my taste. However, the artwork on beast, for the few panels he appeared in, was absolutely horrendous.



This comic was iffy at best. I will say, I do not think that this is Chris Claremont’s fault. Even some of the best writers in the world have a hard time writing around continuity and this is one of those cases, and as I mentioned, all the crap that’s infected the X-Men books over the years is preventing this from being truly good. Credit where it’s due, there were a few strong scenes here, but at the end of the day, Chris Claremont may be a great writer, but he’s not a magician. However, Claremont has earned enough of my trust for me to stick this out for a few more issues so we’ll see where it goes from here.