Thespian Talk – Episode 116 (No Zombie Left Behind)

Zack Lawrence joins Gomer and The Omega for such fascinating news stories, such as a man who did not zombie properly, discussions of the Left Behind franchise, a Florida man who used 911 for the wrong reason, and a pastor who has a fascination with the human rectum. All this and more!

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Gomer Plays AVGN Adventures – Episode 6 (Don’t Try This At Home)

A level based on Atari Porn games… you’d think this would be Gomer’s favorite level, but no.

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Judge Of Character Episode 31: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In the thrilling conclusion, Steve faces off against the mysterious being known as the “Other,” all while trying to better understand the famous duplicitous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

Will Steve survive the ordeal? Or will the Other destroy him?

Monster from the Studio Episode 2: Top 13 Albums of 2011

This was my second episode and it’s worse than the first IMO! LOL. there are sound issues and the Monster character was still bland!
Here’s the Top 13 Albums of 2011!
Original air Date 1/23/12

Indy Christian Review: Meant to Be

A pro-life drama with a twist (and Della Reese!). Is it worth watching? Find out! Originally posted July 18, 2013.

Part 1, no spoilers:

Part 2, spoilers:

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow – Irving’s Review, Part 1

Irving appeared to enjoy the first game in the Splinter Cell series, so he moves on to the next one. Does it continue the excellence?

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Irving’s Review, Part 2

Irving concludes his look at the first Splinter Cell game and gives his thoughts.

Epic Bro Ups: Public Service Announcement

Chad Darkwait of local GA Punk band X-Ray Vision,Jon Hayes and Monster from Bloody Chuckles Studios made a short film for Epic Bro Ups over the weekend!
Join the cause at and

Indy Christian Review: Behold a Pale Horse

Charlie Daniels leads the charge in this very conservative political documentary. Is it worth watching? Originally posted July 4, 2013.

How to Fix It: AfterM*A*S*H

It’s time to look at the M*A*S*H Spin off that’s actually not that bad.