Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Irving’s Review, Part 2

Irving concludes his look at the second game in the popular Modern Warfare series.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Irving’s Review, Part 1

5 years after the events of MW1, we find ourselves in an even bigger mess. We’re not even sure who to trust. How does this game compare to the first one?

Lesbian Talk Episode #76: Totally 80’s Aliens

Join your favorite lesbians as we discuss our favorite (and not so favorite) aliens, why Hagan secretly wants a parasite, my love affair with ET, and what movies I really should have seen by now. Next we dive into discussion on this week’s Doctor Who ‘Flatline’ and our opinions are a real 3D experience (yuk yuk yuk). All this and Giovanni’s Trivia Question!

Izzy Plays Outlast (Part 4) | Making Progress (Down The Drain)!

I finally start to make some progress in this game.

“Filmmaker Wannabes” S 1, Ep 2: “The Understudy”

Tyler has to direct his understudy, Rebecca, in a vigorous scene.

Radiodrome – Episode 188: Recalled Movie Posters

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Irving’s Review

Still sort of mourning the passing of CoD’s World War II series, Irving dutifully picks up the next generation of Call of Duty and gives his thoughts.

Izzy Plays Outlast (Part 3) | I’m So Bad At This Game!

I’m not getting any better at this game, because I end up lost on where to go for twenty damn minutes.

Lost in the Static – Episode 207: Role Playing Games

Indy Christian Review – Our Beautiful Secret

Is this documentary about a man with cerebral palsy who runs marathons worth watching?