Shark Plays: Ultra Street Fighter 4

Watch as I gain victory against other players…. or get my ass handed to me.
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Sparks By Hilary Duff

It’s 2001! :D

LASER CANNON | Ori And The Blind Forest (Part 2)

For all the magical things in this forest, a laser cannon was not one Ripley expected.

Rangoon Rifflets: War in Robotland

Planets full of robots are basically never not involved in a war. Go ahead, name one that isn’t. You can’t, can you?

Colonel Bleep, rubber-faced guardian of all of space apparently, has to stop an army of robo space tanks! It’s 50’s-tastic!

Fool’s Gold: Dinosaurus!

Jess discovers what dinosaurs were in the 1960s!

Home Review : Bored to Death – Mr. Kille’s Horror Show

Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, Kiara Lupe, for helping me with the Images & Intro:

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Home is a “unique” interactive story-driven horror game. But is it really? Or is it just another game trying to sound grander than it actually is.

Mr. Kille’s Horror Show is a show where I look at games, aspects and news concerning the Horror genre.

First Listen: Faith No More “Sol Invictus” Album Review

Is Faith No More’s first release in 18 years a good come back album?

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Thespian Talk – Episode 151 (Platinum Gay)

Gomer and Arik talk a lot about the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, a Detroit woman who got roughed up by a security guard, a serial butt-grabber, a man who threatened his mother’s chickens, and more!

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F3AR: Irving’s Review

At long last, Irving examines the final entry in the FEAR series, with a little help from a friend.

Damn Write! I was wrong!



Nothing ever changes? Well, I’ve been shut up. Continue reading