Damn Write! Wrasslin’ Games and WWE 2K15



What I value in a good pro wrestling video game. Continue reading

The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 45 (Directly Brutal)

Covering up to September 27, 2014!

After a bit of discussion about Namio’s appearance on TGWTG, they discuss Helena’s scheme to kidnap Robin (again), Shawn botching Ava’s kidnapping, leading to Jason getting run over (literally), people connecting the dots about (fake) Luke’s involvement with the Jeromes, Franco surprising EVERYBODY after learning the truth about Carly and Sonny (wha), a new hit man sent by Fake!Luke to take out Michael (whack), and MORE!

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Half Life: Blue Shift – Irving’s Review

Irving continues his look at the Half Life series with the second add-on, Blue Shift. Go, Barney, Go!

Half Life: Opposing Force – Irving’s Review, Part 2

Irving concludes his review of Opposing Force, the first add-on to the popular Half Life game.

Half Life: Opposing Force – Irving’s Review, Part 1

In part 1, Irving begins a look at this first add-on to the popular Half Life game. Mrs. Irving guest stars.

Radiodrome – Episode 180: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Indy Christian Review: Taken by Grace

Hostages, murder, revenge… fun for the whole family! Is it worth watching? Originally posted October 23, 2013.

Gomer Plays AVGN Adventures Blind Run – Part 7 (Frustrating Frolicking)

Gomer treks into Dungeons and Dickholes!

Half Life: Irving’s Review, Part 2

Part 2 of Irving’s look at the original Half Life game for the PC. Is the second half any better than the first half?

Half Life: Irving’s Review, Part 1

This game was wildly popular when it appeared, and in many circles it still is. Irving takes a closer look to find out why. This is part 1 of a 2-part review, so stay tuned!