Terrible Thoughts #3

“We always ask how we came to the conclusion that milking cows was a good idea. I’m more curious as to how cooking happened. Did we just throw shit in the fire and hope for the best?”

“Would having a pet ghost constitute as slavery?”

“We do at least three deadly sins at thanksgiving alone”

“If dogs evolved from wolves, wouldn’t that make growlithe the second stage pokemon?”

“I’m aware that Arcanine isn’t technically a wolf. Calm down.”

“I have this feeling that all racists are bad a ping pong”

Thespian Talk – Episode 142 (Political Common Sense!)

Erin Mills, a.k.a. Dubious Khan, joins Gomer once again to talk about political bugnuttery, a Georgia woman who got into some seriously squicky trouble, a woman who thinks Disney is more evil than people give them credit for, actual common sense out of the Tennessee Senate, and more!

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Record Store Day

We went to Hastings for RSD and found some cool stuff!

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Musical Hell TV: The Secret of Anastasia

As a little third anniversary special, I’m going back to my shortly-lived “Musical Hell TV” videos to bring you “The Secret of Anastasia”! It’s the story of the long-lost Russian princess who goes to reclaim her identity and rip off that other Anastasia cartoon. Will she find out who she is? Will she choose her roguish accomplice Vladimir, or the obviously-the-villain-in-disguise Prince Paul? Will she learn the secret behind her magic talking instruments that happen to look and sound exactly like her dead family? Stay tuned!

Find the other MHTV videos on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user18622460/videos


Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 3 (Part 7: Shocking Fall)

Pilot Season: Darkman

Did you know that Sam Raimi made a movie called Darkman? Well… There was also an attempt at a TV show based on Darkman – and we use the term “TV show” loosely.


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First Listen: The Prodigy “The Day is My Enemy” Album Review


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April is The Cruelest Month: Part 2 (A Game of Chess)

This time we discuss people being blind to history, dysfunctional relationships and do terrible cockney accents.

Terrible Thoughts: Part 2

Most of these came from a viewing of ┬áthe stage version”You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

“Sally is a stone cold whore”

“Sally is literally the definition of a basic bitch”

“Why are the most muscular guys always cast as Charlie Brown?”

“None of the guys shaved their legs.”

“Everybody has wanted Charlie Brown’s friends to die at some point”

“What is the timeline of this thing?”


“Sonic only technically has one eye. If you poke the middle of it, does it hurt?”

“If you cut off your ponytail and donate to cancer, you’re a fine person. If you gather a clump of the same amount of hair from various places in your house, you’re a serial killer. Don’t get me started on handing someone with cancer a bunch of hair. I am not complaining. I think it’s good that as a society, we agree that we need to know the source of hair.”

“I can see why Mojo jojo wanted revenge on the Powerpuff Girls. He got irradiated, and he never got taken to a vet”

“A nuggie is a punch on loop”