What the F@#k?! – Episode 161

Lesbian Talk Episode #75: The Girl Who Lied

Join us for this last exploration of horror with Count Jackula, as we sit down to discuss haunting/possession movies! Should you watch The Orphanage? What was the best haunting film? What absolutely terrified me during The Exorcist? Then Hagan and I dish on this week’s episode of Doctor Who, ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’. All this and Giovanni’s Trivia Question!


sex & gender in horror? YAAAAAAASSSS

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Stephen King, on Carrie:

Executive summary on women in films:

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII Pt 20

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII – Part 20: To Kill a Zolom

Comic Showcase #12: Thunderbolts #1

Izzy Plays Outlast (Part 1) | I Immediately Regret This Decision

It’s a new horror let’s play, I’m taking on the survival horror game Outlast.

The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 47 (A Fresh Face!)

Covering up to October 17, 2014!

Gomer is joined by newcomer Julia this week to discuss the return of Jerry Jacks, some GH history, Silas finally chewing some scenery, Nina falling fast into the well of insanity, Franco’s plot for Sonny and Carly, and the revelation of Jason’s identity being thwarted by Helena! All this, and more!

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Radiodrome – Episode 187: Hellraiser

Damn Write! Online Social Justice.


I’m sitting here today as it is wet and miserable outside.

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Izzy Plays Neverending Nightmares (Destroyed Dreams) | The Final Path

The nightmare is over, I finally wake up.