Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Seafood Battle!

As Gomer treks to take on Bubble Man, he encounters giant fish, giant shrimp, giant crabs, giant frogs, and… Metroids?

LGPAP Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Pt 4

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Dreamfall: The Longest Journey – Part 4: Spice Quest

Constructive Deconstruction – Episode 26 (Ruling Triggers)

After going without a show for three weeks, the trio comes back with discussions on triggers and two of the most recent Supreme Court rulings!

Download it here!

Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Crash the Party!

Elec Man’s stage design was so nice, Capcom used it twice!

Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Into The Woods To Find A Robot Master!

With four Robot Masters down, Gomer can start exploiting some weaknesses! ¬†And Wood Man looks mighty flammable…


BlackScarabRiffZ: Good Eating Habits

Yeah… You may notice that I have a lot of shows. In this one, I riff on old educational shorts and the like, (like Linkara, and Rifftrax, and Cinematic Titanic, and MST3K…)

Thespian Talk – Episode 108 (Fart Demons)

After some site announcements, including talent auditions, Gomer and Holly talk about one man’s theory as to why homosexuality exists, a Florida man who drank way too many beers, PETA’s latest scheme to get people to go vegan, and more!

Download it here!

Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Quickly Avoiding Damage

Gomer tackles Quick Man’s stage without the Time Stopper! That seems all well and good, but can he do it without taking any damage?

Gomer Plays REDUX – Mega Man 2 (Yikes! Yoku Blocks!)

The Literary Lair: M*A*S*H: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

This week, Michael takes a look at a book that spawned a massively popular television show. Is the book as good as the show? Watch and find out.