Gomer Plays Pokémon Fire Red – Episode 4 (A Shocking Trade)

After battling Lt. Surge for the Thunder Badge, Gomer sets off to find an Abra to trade for a Mr. Mime, obtains HM 05, then sets off through the Rock Tunnel for Lavender Town!

Hagan Reviews – The Passion of the Christ



how to talk to kids about sex, from a certified former kid.


LGPAP Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Pt 3


Let’s Get Pissed and Play Dreamfall: The Longest Journey – Part 3: Disco Stud

Thespian Talk – Episode 107 (Real Political Parodies)

This week, Gomer and Omega go off a little on people who don’t think Internet productions are real jobs, as well as a double header from one of Gomer’s least
favorite politicians, a woman who learned the hard way how to treat a gun, a woman who used God as a scapegoat, and Hobby Lobby’s latest project! All this and

Download it here!

Know the Score: Top Five YouTube Music Videos

We’ve all wasted time on YouTube.  Here are the best ways to do it.

Gomer Plays REDUX – Mega Man 2 (We CAN Defeat Air Man!)

It’s time to take to the skies and prove a song wrong! Now with 100% more Metal Blades!

Lesbian Talk Episode #64: The Doctor Goes To Dashcon

This week’s episode is full of fail; we discuss the perfect clusterfuck of Dashcon and most of the new season of Doctor Who (scripts included) leaking to the Internet, I defend pretend moldy sandwiches and serve up a decoy bagel, and we bemoan the under-appreciated 8th Doctor with our viewing of his movie, all this and Giovanni’s Trivia Fact!

LGPAP Skyrim: Magical Bugs

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Skyrim: Part 21

Gomer Plays Pokémon Fire Red – Episode 3 (Cerulean Cruise)

In this episode, Gomer meets Bill, who had a very unfortunate accident, battles Misty for the Cascade Badge, and hops on board the S.S. Anne, where he meets up with Blue once again!