How to Fix It: Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma

This week, just in time to be slightly late for the 51st Anniversary, it’s my review of the worst Classic Who episode I’ve ever seen. The Twin Dilemma!

Indy Christian Review – Between Heaven & Hell

This week I look at a web series about the war between angels and demons.

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII Pt 35

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII – Part 35: The Twilight Zone

Izzy Plays Broken Age (Part 3) | All Hail The Dead Eye God!

THESE MARKIPLIER LEVELS ARE INSANE! | Izzy Plays Happy Wheels (Feat. MetalPandaWTF)

The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 52 (Honorable Manipulation)

Covering up to November 21, 2014!

Discussed this week: Sonny pleads guilty to all charges in exchange for Carly and Duke’s freedom, Franco talks Nina back to reality, Faison is revealed to be alive and on the loose, Sam and Patrick find out information about Lord Ashton, Liz takes Jason home with her, Britt is blackmailed into helping the Feds go after Anna, and more!

Download it here!

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The Case of the Female Orgasm by Elisabeth Loyd, Harvard University Press

Hagan Reviews – Unashamed

First of a new trio of possession reviews- 1932s nudist colony melodrama-sploitation!

Presented by the one, the only HAGAN THOMAS!

Izzy Plays The Sims 4 (Part 4) | Geeks In Love!

Damn Write! An Interview with model Squeaks of Cosplay Deviants


A discussion with an adult cosplay model Continue reading