Lost in the Static – Episode 209: Depression

Halo: Irving’s Review, Part 2

Irving wraps up his examination of the first Halo game. You have to wonder what the forerunners were thinking when they created the Flood!

Halo: Irving’s Review, Part 1

Where it all started for Irving. Until Halo, he had no idea he would end up a gamer. An intensely bad one, granted, but a gamer nonetheless. We take a look at the game that defined shooters for an entire generation.

Comic Showcase #13: Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Hagan Reviews – From Beyond

Part 2 of the HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy! Everything Re-Animator is to biology From Beyond is to Physics. BUT GAYER!

Damn Write! A look at “Jason Bateman Thinks I’m Dead.”



And yes, he did even know she was sick *buh dum pssh* Continue reading

The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 48 (The Tragedy of Franco)

Covering up to October 24, 2014!

This week, Julia and Gomer discuss Nina’s plan to steal Ava’s baby, Julian’s attempt to win Alexis away from Ned, Tracy’s attempt to get more ELQ stock for Jerry, the start of a new plotline for Lucas, plenty of talk about Carly, Jason, Sonny, A.J., and Franco, and more!

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What the F@#k?! – Episode 163

Audio Theory Radio Halloween Special: Rob Zombie Albums Retrospective

Travis, Zack and Josh continue the Rob Zombie retrospectives with Rob Zombie’s solo albums!

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Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII Pt 22

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII – Part 22: Mister Flapper