Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Into The Woods To Find A Robot Master!

With four Robot Masters down, Gomer can start exploiting some weaknesses!  And Wood Man looks mighty flammable…


BlackScarabRiffZ: Good Eating Habits

Yeah… You may notice that I have a lot of shows. In this one, I riff on old educational shorts and the like, (like Linkara, and Rifftrax, and Cinematic Titanic, and MST3K…)

Thespian Talk – Episode 108 (Fart Demons)

After some site announcements, including talent auditions, Gomer and Holly talk about one man’s theory as to why homosexuality exists, a Florida man who drank way too many beers, PETA’s latest scheme to get people to go vegan, and more!

Download it here!

Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 2 – Quickly Avoiding Damage

Gomer tackles Quick Man’s stage without the Time Stopper! That seems all well and good, but can he do it without taking any damage?

Gomer Plays REDUX – Mega Man 2 (Yikes! Yoku Blocks!)

The Literary Lair: M*A*S*H: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

This week, Michael takes a look at a book that spawned a massively popular television show. Is the book as good as the show? Watch and find out.

Lesbian Talk Episode #65: I Believe In Dungiven Castle

In this week’s episode, Hagan spills the beans on BroCon 2014 and who she met, just how long it takes to get anywhere in Ireland (spoilers: forever), I confess it all about ladies coming to blows at the cash register, then we gush over the 9th Doctor episode ‘Dalek’. All this and who should play the Rani!

LGPAP Fallout 32: Pitt Stains

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Fallout 3 Part 32: Pitt Stains

Gomer Plays Pokémon Fire Red – Episode 4 (A Shocking Trade)

After battling Lt. Surge for the Thunder Badge, Gomer sets off to find an Abra to trade for a Mr. Mime, obtains HM 05, then sets off through the Rock Tunnel for Lavender Town!

Hagan Reviews – The Passion of the Christ