What the F@#k?! – Episode 154

Monster from the Studio Episode 6: The Immortals “Mortal Kombat The Album” Review

In episode 6, Monster ends the “Concept Album” theme with The Immortals “Mortal Kombat The Album”!
This is where things start to change for the better on my shows.
It still needed lots of work but this is a start lol!
Original Air Date 3/27/12

Audio Theory Radio: Les Claypool Retrospective

In episode 18 the gang go over their favorite Les Claypool solo albums!
Original Air Date 9/6/14

Half Life 2: Irving’s Review, Conclusion

Irving wraps up his review of Half Life 2 for the Xbox 360, the puzzling story of a guy in a fancy suit who’s hot for his friend’s daughter but has to kill a bunch of people and blow up the world first. Or something like that.

Half Life 2: Irving’s Review, Part 2

Irving continues his review of Half Life 2, the confusing story of Rip Van Freeman. Or something like that.

Half Life 2: Irving’s Review, Part 1

Irving continues his investigation of the Half Life game series with part 1 of Half Life 2, part of the Orange Box package for the Xbox 360. Is it any better than the first game, or is it SS, DD?

Indy Christian Review: Revelation Road 2

The Storyteller returns to review this end times sequel. Is it worth watching? Originally posted November 1, 2013.

Comic Showcase #9: Fantastic Four #1

Damn Write! Wrasslin’ Games and WWE 2K15



What I value in a good pro wrestling video game. Continue reading

The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 45 (Directly Brutal)

Covering up to September 27, 2014!

After a bit of discussion about Namio’s appearance on TGWTG, they discuss Helena’s scheme to kidnap Robin (again), Shawn botching Ava’s kidnapping, leading to Jason getting run over (literally), people connecting the dots about (fake) Luke’s involvement with the Jeromes, Franco surprising EVERYBODY after learning the truth about Carly and Sonny (wha), a new hit man sent by Fake!Luke to take out Michael (whack), and MORE!

Download it here!

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