LGPAP Skyrim: Derpy Dragon

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Skyrim Part 30: Derpy Dragon

Izzy Plays Broken Age (Part 2) | All Hail Harm’ny Lightbeard!

Let’s get off this cloud.

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII Pt 33

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Final Fantasy VII – Part 33: Space Attack

Monster from the Studio Episode 8: Yes “90125″ Album Review

This was the 8th episode and second during the “Good Prog Gone Bad” theme of the show. I was close to finding my voice at this point, understanding who this character is and all that.
This is the Yes “90125″ Album Review!

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SLENDER OWL-MAN | Izzy Plays The Screecher (Don’t Starve Conversion Mod)


Gomer Plays Mega Man Unlimited – Part 5 (She’s Out of This World!)

It’s time to play with low gravity and unleash Tank Arsenal hell!

Grab the game at: http://megaphilx.com

Fool’s Gold: The James Bond EXTRAVAGANZA – Part 1

Join Lady Jess as she gets her hands dirty with one of the longest enduring franchises of all time and explores just what exactly makes Bond Bond.

Indy Christian Review – Touched by Grace

An anti-bullying film centered around a senior prank. Is it worth watching?

Buy the film here.

Gomer Plays Mega Man Unlimited – Part 4 (Tanks for the Letter!)

Gomer tackles Tank Man’s stage and gets his first YOKU letter!

Grab the game here: http://megaphilx.com

Izzy Plays Outlast (Part 6) | Still Pretty Bad At This!