Oh NBC what am I going to do with you?

I guess a re-cap is needed for those un-aware of NBC’s woes. See back in 2011 struggling NBC was bought up by Comcast with the hopes of bringing the network back to its “glory days” when Friends and Law and Order ruled the airways before The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.



At first I had hope in this purchase because we were promised that Hulu and online ratings would be taken in consideration before axing shows, thus keeping Community on the air a little longer.

But then they fucked that up when they fired Dan Harmond without telling him and replaced him with the producers of Just Shoot Me.

Shit we’re screwed

Ok, while it is unfair that Dan was cut before we could see how he would end his show that he based off his community college experiences….I guess I was willing to watch, just to see if any of the writers stayed or if these new guys knew what they were doing. I mean their choices for favorite episodes was very calming because they picked episodes that showed that Community was more than Community College Hell.

But then they pulled it from the schedule with no word on when they’re gonna air the season.

So I was peeved, but “Hey at least they have 2 shows in the works with Bryan Fuller.” And I love Bryan Fuller, the cancellation of Pushing Daisies was what got me obsessed with how Television and Nielsen ratings work.

He created my favorite show before Vince Gilligan came around with Breaking Bad SPOILER.

and this spoiler is hard to beat

So I was excited to see how the 2 new shows by him would shape on NBC, which is a little more open minded with their Quirk.

And then they didn’t pick up Mockingbird Lane. (AKA: The Munsters re-boot that didn’t have any monsters).


Ok so it didn’t look all that promising, but I still had hope that it could be a good show because I trust Bryan Fuller. How could I not? He introduced me to the gem that is Chenowith!


Well then came this fact, the pilot cost them a whopping $10 million to make. To put this into terms the pilot for Lost cost $20 million to produce.



So in order to try to make any money on this, the pilot has been turned into a Halloween special they’ll burn off on a Friday night.

So, I guess I have to ask “Why?” “Why NBC; why are you doing this?”  And then I have to answer myself with “Cause they’re desperate for success and can’t bank on quirk.”

In this article, NBC says they want to “normalize” their comedies and not make them so “out there” and “weird” like The Office and Community. And we see that with Guys with Kids and Animal Practice. One is a generic laugh track show while the other has The Hangover monkey running around in scrubs.

Sure Animal Practice has its moments, but most of the time it follows this mantra “When in doubt; MONKEY. ”

And Guys With Kids has a laugh track.

and produced by this guy

Guys With Kids is doing well and Animal Practice got canceled and on the drama side shows like Revolution and  are doing rather well for them. Their biggest hit being reality show The Voice. For the first time in  years they’re number 1 in the ratings demo and I know they don’t want to mess that up by the “quirk” shows. I see the logic, but I’m hating how shows I like/anticipate are suffering for it.
That being said, I do like this ad Community came out with;

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  1. Oh GOD! That’s Mockingbird Lane? Eddie Izzard can’t save this show by himself! *cries herself to sleep despite the amount of antidepressants and mood stabilizers in her system* He’s not even cute in this! I was an Addams Family fan, but watched the Munsters occasionally. Still, NBC will go to Hell for this.

    • reelsandroses says:

      Uh, I actually think this looks pretty good. I was also an occasional Munsters fan but I was looking forward to this. Sarah, what in that little preview made you not like it other than Eddie looking like a monster, which is what his role is?

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