Hello and Welcome to Mike’s Random Thoughts. Star Trek Enterprise was a… flawed series. And that’s being nice to the series. What does that have to do with this article? I am going to outline how to make it better. So let’s begin.

First things first, let’s start with the theme song. It was a generic pop song! What were they thinking? The closing theme, “Archer’s Theme” was much better and would have been a better opening song. I’d be okay with “Where My Heart Will Take Me” as the closing theme. The opening was okay, but it wasn’t Star Trek. The visuals were fantastic however. As much as I love just random space stuff, the images of history’s spaceflight was pretty awesome.

Second, the characters. In the first season, T’Pol is insufferable, Trip is a goddamn idiot, Travis is annoying, and they fixed all that, mostly, but it should have been fixed from the start. By the end of the series, they totally saved the characters. WARNING! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST EPISODE OF ENTERPRISE, SPOILERS AHEAD! For example, in the last episode, Trip, despite being an idiot in season 1, lays down his life in order to save the ship, and someone who used to be their enemy, Shran. I was taken aback by that and I honestly rank him in my list of favorite characters. T’Pol, she was bad, but she got better, especially when she started the romance with Trip. Travis, well he wasn’t that bad, but he got better. Archer was okay, and he handled stuff better than Janeway, but suffered from the same problem Janeway had, sticking their noses into every damn thing they pass, which, in the first few episodes, was the problem of the week, and got old super fast. Reed was the only sane person on board, and was a decent character. Phlox was fine, and despite seeming like Neelix, he was a pretty good doctor, and I think he’d get along with all the other Trek doctors, well, except for McCoy, but only because McCoy detests primitive medicine. Hoshi, wasn’t that bad, honestly, although her mirror universe counterpart was much cooler.

Lastly, the plot. The Temporal Cold War, what the hell was that? It was freaking dumb. It made no sense and the villain didn’t even have a proper name! He’s called “Future Guy” a name given to him, by SFDebris! It was a joke, but it’s all we have! And don’t get me started on how they skipped almost 6 years before the finale! Also, the Mirror Universe episodes should have been done a season earlier, so that they could revisit it before it was cancelled.

All in all, Enterprise was pretty good, and I haven’t always given it a fair chance. Next time though, I want to talk about another flawed Star Trek series, although I may need to go 75,000 light years away to do it.

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  1. I liked Enterprise but thx for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Sir, I like the cut of your jib. I believe we would have much to discuss.

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