Part 2 of “The Hollow Whisper!” After the events of the last episode, Writrzblok tries to focus on a comic series that features gangsters, zombies, giant undead apes, R.O.U.S’s (Rodents Of Unusual Size), and a talking chainsaw! But will it help Writrzblok solve his REAL problem?


About writrzblok

I'm a writer/reviewer from FL. I usually specialize in comics/movies and write screenplays, scripts and poetry.

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  1. MishaMayhem says:

    Do you remember when I said that there should be a comic where the characters live out all the screwed up ideas we and our friends have after 2:00 AM? I’m fairly certain that it would turn out looking a lot like this.

    And YAY! MICHAEL VICK JOKE!!! xD I love you!!

    This was a fun review. ^__^

    And LOLOLOLOLOL @ Dante, there at the end.

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