It’s Writrzblok vs his inner demon in a life and death fight to the bitter end, with explosive results!


About writrzblok

I'm a writer/reviewer from FL. I usually specialize in comics/movies and write screenplays, scripts and poetry.

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  1. MishaMayhem says:

    >Oh, you are so goddamned cute with your nod to Supernatural, with “Carry On My Wayward Son” and the montage. Let’s all forget Miller Madness! Holy Terror… you sommabitch! At least you have a positive associating with a Miller, now! ^__^
    >Evil Jeff is still hot. Ha ha ha! Although, he kind of looks like a preacher, more than ever.
    >…what do your neighbors think when you film this craziness outside? xD
    >Yikes… you really put the dad thing in. Okay, well… wow. That was ballsy.
    >Dat evil laugh… HOT. xD
    >HA! Dante, FTW!
    >Someone… should tell… Dante… that he was… kind of… talking… like… Frank Miller… writes… for a second…
    >HA! The katana is like the Colt, from Supernatural. I’m so damn proud! But scared… Was that thing sharpened, or blunt, like the ones you can buy in gift shops?
    >Allow me to make a joke about the voices in your head… ORTON. 😉
    >LOL you two… masters of the dumbfounded look. ❤

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