Hello and Welcome to Mike’s Random Thoughts. Last week we looked at Enterprise and how to fix it. This week we take on a more daunting task, Voyager. Star Trek: Voyager, could have been good, but it wasn’t between a combination of who was running it, the writing, the acting, the entire thing was a mess. So, let’s begin.

Unlike Enterprise, the music for this series was really good. I love the theme song, so no help needed for that. I will say that all the series need a bit of monologue in the theme song, that’s something to note. Doug Walker’s added theme lyrics were much appreciated.

Next, let’s look at the writing, which was not that good. To their credit, some of it was good. A few of my favorite Star Trek episodes came from this show, like “The Killing Game”, “Death Wish” and “Future’s End”. But a lot of it was bad, like the Janeway rocks episodes. She’s not a good captain, but I’ll get into that later. The problem, like Enterprise was Berman and Braga. They are not good for Star Trek, they are why Enterprise, which was good, was cancelled right when it got good. But yeah, scrap B&B and get someone good!

Now, the characters. The characters were good, at least they had potential. A fully Vulcan crew member was a fantastic idea, and Tim Russ did good with what he had, good enough that I can’t see him as anyone else but Tuvok, despite whatever he’s in. Kate Mulgrew, was good but, the character was wrong. Janeway was a psychopath! She endangered her crew on multiple occasions! How did they not relieve her of command? Chakotay was good, I have no problem with him, except for when he based his decisions off of the ancient Native American crap. Tom Paris was my favorite character because he was awesome. Harry Kim was just the butt monkey and didn’t really have a character, until the later seasons which was not a good idea. Neelix… was Neelix. Enough said. Kes was fine, and Seven was good, no complaints with them.

Lastly again, the plot. The plot was awesome, Voyager was good, just had some rough spots. And getting them away from Starfleet is great! It made them have to rely on ingenuity and not the magic reset button. I applaud Star Trek for doing something different. It didn’t work! But it was awesome!

All in all, Voyager was pretty good, and I haven’t always given it a fair chance, same as Enterprise.

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