Writrzblok is saved from a Predator’s attack by fellow reviewer Miss Nightmare (@MsNightmare24)! To pass the time while they keep on the look out, They take a look at the intercompany crossover between the brutal extraterrestrial hunters and The Justice League!


About writrzblok

I'm a writer/reviewer from FL. I usually specialize in comics/movies and write screenplays, scripts and poetry.

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  1. MishaMayhem says:

    YAY!! Two of my favorite people! Love Casey’s shirt. Also, Jeff, you look so cute in this review! 🙂

    “Nor can you hold what is too hot.” Tell that to that person who sued McDonald’s… for HOT COFFEE! *facepalm*

    At that point, Clark Kent could no longer suppress habits of his former life, as a stripper… A very public stripper…

    An ass shot of Green Lantern? That’s one of the TAMER things that DC has done.

    07:38 Green Giant meets Brrrrock Lesnar!

    “Batmanned.” Fuck. A superhero has been made a verb. I was proud this day.

    *raises hand* So, Plastic Man is Jimmy Fallon? BAZINGA!

    Venice sounds a bit like Jersey, here. Their state smell is sewer.

    Every time I hear “electro-whip,” my mind keeps going to a dirty place.

    “You don’t make comebacks with with silly little puns.” Oh, Casey… sweetie… Don’t you know how dumbassery works in comic books? Especially when DC is involved in ANY way? xD

    Shipping Superman and Batman… Pardon me while I vom a little.

    Yep… a Bat Predator. I bet you’re wishing for the Bat credit card, again, after seeing something this stupid. xD

    DC making people like complete idiots? You don’t say!

    Why does Green Lantern look like Charlie Sheen in this comic?

    Nothing good can come from a Scouts Honor from Writrzblock. Quick, everyone hide your canoes! 😉

    JLA letting things die… my thought: If they didn’t save them, and let them die, after seeing their struggle, would this technically mean that they had a hand in killing them? And that the Batman thing of not killing… it becomes obsolete. #SorryNotSorry

    Good job, guys! ❤

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