This week, Gomer and Cat discuss such lovely topics as a case of political irony, lawmakers who want to make online gambling illegal, a school that’s too rigid with its protocol, mubobobo, and a man who learned why Hot Pockets are for eating.

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  1. Gizensha says:

    In the UK, judges usually take a very dim view on frivilous law suits. The best the guy can hope for is that it gets kicked out of court before it goes before the judge. If it goes before the judge, he’s going to wind up paying Gregg’s court fees, even if he’s awarded an arbitrarily low amount (It’s not unheard of of a ‘successful’ lawsuit to have the sueing party awarded something like £1, and a court order to pay the defendent’s court fees because while the claimant was technically in the right, the judge considered the entire thing a waste of court time)

    …And Gregg’s are closer to a takeout that specializes in savoury pies (They describe themselves as a bakery, but I don’t call them that because you can’t get a loaf of bread from there) than a conveniance store.

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