Gomer and Omega discuss the ongoing battle for same-sex marriage in Indiana, lots of random topics, lesbian psychic powers, John Boehner’s latest boner, ways to improve both America’s health care and education, and a judge who doesn’t understand that all jobs are real jobs and more!

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Host of Thespian Talk, The Junk Drawer, and various other productions out there on the Internet!

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  1. creaturesh says:

    Wait, was that “You can adopt a child” or “you can abduct a child” around minute 11? Because both seems kind of equally plausible…
    (Also, I shall point out that the Haganbot was pregnant with Obscurus Lupa’s child in one of Linkara’s “previously on” segments)

    I hope your friend in Indiana is okay, Omega.

    I agree that Obama is very pro-business in reality.
    And more socially conscious policies are generally better for the economy of a country in the long run. It’s the constant eye on short-term profit that gets in the way of it.

    I’ve had many conversations with my American friends about the stark differences in healthcare systems. It’s kind of a mutual culture shock.

    In a similar vein, I consider access to proper education should be considered a human right. In the end, it’s best for everyone NOT to deny schooling to people who could make a huge difference in their chosen field if only they got the chance. How many breakthroughs have we missed out on because the people who would have made them couldn’t afford to go to college?

    (“Truck School” anime sounds like it would be 100% bara, to be honest)

    I hope that Boehner’s lawsuit contributes to the GOP losing the next election by a landslide. ‘Cause this shit’s ridiculous.

    “Get a real job” coming from a judge is depressing on so, so many levels.

    Won’t comment on the rest right now. Too complex for me to go into here.

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