This week, Gomer and Omega discuss a trio of stories from Oklahoma, including one that will make you either weep for America or laugh at it like Nelson Muntz. We also have a man in Florida who recorded himself in the midst of setting up something very illegal, a woman who thinks Walmart is a good place to sell a very unusual item, and a fraternity that has yet to learn to clean up after themselves once they finish partying hard. All this, plus shout outs and more!

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  1. DerKork says:

    While I may know a lot of things, I don’t know everything. For example, I’ve never heard of a word meaning both “I love you” and “I’ll kill you”… You may be thinking of the two words “lieben” (love) and “entleiben” (lit. “de-body”, meaning “kill”), but that’s just a guess.

    Well, it’s either that or there’s a homonym that I am not aware of in the german language.

    And yeah, white sugar is just glucose. However, I’m not so certain about brown sugar and molasses as I’m no expert on sugar beets or sugar cane.

    And yes, Schauer would be pronounced “Shower”. Funnily, “Schauer” can refer to rain, a shiver or… “a person viewing/watching” (though that is actually a tiny bit of a stretch). Guess this is a fitting name for a voyeur, hm?

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