I would like to thank RT Gomer productions for letting me onto the site. I’m very excited to share my work and reviews with you. I review music videos and hope to bring in some discussion about a very unique medium.


However, it will be about a week or two before I can contribute any new content. For you see, my computer almost caught on fire. Something on my mother board malfunctioned and the repair guy said that if I hadn’t brought it to him within a week, it would have definitely burned some object in my house. I have a script and some footage for what would be my first review with the site. But it’s currently on the hard drive on my laptop. He says that the hard drive is fine so all I have to do is wait to finish editing/ getting all the footage. Instead of recreating a sub par script and being forced to edit in Windows Movie Maker, I’ve decided to wait to get all of my stuff back. I want my first official appearance to be done right.

In this post, I will leave you with the first review in the series (and my main audition piece) which is the music videos of Ariana Grande:

Thank you very much. I promise not to sacrifice my technology to the great jaws of Satan in the future.

About rabidabby

I like reviewing things, but I also lack the attention span for doing anything longer than a couple of minutes, as a result, I review short videos (namely music videos).

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