So, I’ve come to realize that actual video content is going to be coming in pretty slow, at least until mid-June. On top of doing my reviews, I am also doing another project that while much more impressive, is going to be a chore to deal with. On top of that, I have somewhat isolated myself from other people on this site due to Skype not working and just time in general.

I’m still adamant about adding content, so I decided that I’m just going to do simple written content every day. I am currently on a medication that make me very distracted. My mind wanders to pretty much anything. As such, I have had some very odd thoughts, about five a day. I also hear the other strange things that people say. Therefore, I’m going to post these quotes every day. Who knows, maybe it will get a laugh or two. If not, I can feed into ego. I win in every sense of the word.

Quotes of the Day:

” My dog would make a nice table”.

“When I die, I should put in my will that I want my body to be eaten by the cast of Full House. Not because I dislike them, I just think that people who die in a creepy way live forever”.

” I should open a salon where I put duct tape on people’s legs, rip it off, and call it a wax. Oh god, I just realized that I’m Mr. Krabs.”

“I want to spell check a tombstone”.

“My biology professor has a very loose definition of what a radish is”.

“Radish doesn’t have two d’s? This is why I hate America”.

About rabidabby

I like reviewing things, but I also lack the attention span for doing anything longer than a couple of minutes, as a result, I review short videos (namely music videos).

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