Most of these came from a viewing of  the stage version”You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

“Sally is a stone cold whore”

“Sally is literally the definition of a basic bitch”

“Why are the most muscular guys always cast as Charlie Brown?”

“None of the guys shaved their legs.”

“Everybody has wanted Charlie Brown’s friends to die at some point”

“What is the timeline of this thing?”


“Sonic only technically has one eye. If you poke the middle of it, does it hurt?”

“If you cut off your ponytail and donate to cancer, you’re a fine person. If you gather a clump of the same amount of hair from various places in your house, you’re a serial killer. Don’t get me started on handing someone with cancer a bunch of hair. I am not complaining. I think it’s good that as a society, we agree that we need to know the source of hair.”

“I can see why Mojo jojo wanted revenge on the Powerpuff Girls. He got irradiated, and he never got taken to a vet”

“A nuggie is a punch on loop”

About rabidabby

I like reviewing things, but I also lack the attention span for doing anything longer than a couple of minutes, as a result, I review short videos (namely music videos).

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