Some thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

This week’s article stems from a Facebook post I made last night. All day I had been reading about  the news of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner and all the reactions people had towards it. I have no problem whatsoever with Caitlyn, but seeing some of the posts made on social media just festering this knawing thought in my head and I finally let it out. Thinking about it I decided to expand upon things for this week’s writings.

I don’t like using the word “Brave” to describe Caitlyn Jenner.

I’m sure a few of you reading this probably just picked up their guns to point in my direction, but that’s how I feel. I have absolutely no problem with transgendered people, nor do I have an issue with what she or any one else has to go through. Hell, in my little convention circle that I am involved in we’ve had three people go through the same process as well. But that is kind of my point here.

She had been a celeb of one sort or another for 40 years. From winning the gold medal in 1976 up until right now. Wheaties boxes, TV and movie appearances, TV special, documentaries, and all that before the name “Kardashian” even came into the picture. Since the word of her transformation first sprung up, a nice agent and a pr team have been feeding little bits here and there to make sure this story was kept in the spotlight more and more until we got to this point. She has a pr team covering every step and word and a full security team watching her back. Then came the TV interviews and today’s magazine cover, and the reality show deal. And the nice fat chunks of change that came with each. No, I don’t have exact numbers, but people don’t do that shit for free. All the while the pr team and the managers are looking over every question asked, every picture that is put in that magazine, and screening every bit of mail that passes through for threats and whatever else, right now editors are putting together hours of film to make sure the wanted projected image of someone’s life is shown is just the right light on cable TV for a reality show, something she is very familiar with.

Now tell me, do you know anyone else who is either gone through this experience, or is going through it now, that has that same luxury? The few that I know, or know of, that are won’t get paid millions of dollars to reveal what they are feeling to anyone. They won’t get heralded on magazine covers and reality shows. They don’t have a harem of people going over every word they say, nor do they have a team of bodyguards to protect them for anything, let alone threats to their lives. When that confused 15 year old boy is sitting at the family table trying to put this feeling into words to his family, there isn’t someone to keep his mother or father from screaming at them and telling them to get out of their house (or worse). No one is there to hand the teenage girl who relates more in being a boy a million dollars for a handful of photoshopped glamour shots. Not everyone likes being to focus in every step they make and has a producer there to project the perfect life they live going through the transition.

I’m all for doing what you gotta do for yourself, and if this whole thing inspires you or someone you know with transgender issues, then great! But before you put Caitlyn on a pedestal, try to keep some perspective in mind as well.


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