A wish list   for what will end up winning Game of the year.

I’m sure a number of you saw the sweet ass video for Fallout 4 the other day. The long talked about sequel to Fallout 3 is finally here and I for one cannot wait for it.

This time around the main character is a dweller from vault 112 in Boston, or what used to be Boston, inside what is known as The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has been mentioned in previous games before, especially the post doomsday version of MIT (known as The Institute). In the swanky trailer we got to see what befell Bean Town when the end of the world came. We also get to see our new wanderer (or at least the male version). It seems our hero looks to be already established in the outside world though so this may make for an interesting story for this time around.

Of course with such a highly anticipated game that has been talked about but now just is seeing the light, what is going to be different this time around? What things are going to be improved over the last couple of games?

Personally I’d like to see some radically different new weapons. I mean the standard stuff is alright, but being from a different part of the country and the idea that The Commonwealth is this advanced sciencey place, I want some really weirdly designed gizmos that make enemies go boom. Give me something wacky and different, or give me the opportunity to build a lot of wacky and different things.

I’d also like to be able to walk around with two human companions. In the last two Fallout games you could only walk around with one human and one not human companion. I think having two compadres to hang out with would be great. Have them interact with each other, talk to each other, hell, maybe even fall in love with each other. Speaking of which…

I want to develop relationships. I know, that might be too much to ask but I don’t want to have to head cannon my character’s love interests anymore. Hell, make it a changeable part of the ending of the game. And yes, a same-sex relationship should be included as well. Really give the player an opportunity to develop the protagonist character. Have fun with it!

Bethesda should also Boston it up a bit. You can’t do a game held in Boston, even a post nuclear fallout Boston, without having at least one character having the Massachusetts accent. I want Beans. Make them glowing radioactive beans that make you fart radiated gas. If you are gonna do a game in Boston, go all the way with it.

A new group would be a nice addition. Much like the Kings in New Vegas, there should be a local tribe or two in this game as well. Sure, you can have the Brotherhood, the Enclave, and all that. But in a post nuclear world, there should be small local tribes as well, both good and bad.

And finally, and this is a big one for me personally, I’d love to see a Maine DLC. It would be so easy to do in the sence of this game, Think, nuclear Moose! Mutant Lobsters! A bunch of Ghouls dressed in Slickahs and guppahs. Greatest thing to happen to this state Ed Muskie tried to run for President.

Well, anyway, these are just some random musings. I’m sure the game will be great when it comes out. Wether it has nuclear moose in it or not.

We will just have to wait and see.

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