Cynical? You got it.


Some nut waltzes into a church and slaughter’s nine people.

A number of politicians sit there and say “we” don’t know what went through the guys mind as for why he did this, you know, because his racist website, long rambling manifesto, and admittance that he killed these people was to start a race war was so vague and obtuse. Yes, there are politicians who are worried about offending their racist redneck voters that they refuse to accept reality.

The gun makers all toss their hands up and say it wasn’t their fault. Their answer is that EVERYONE should be carrying around semi-automatic weapons, because if one of those people had a weapon they could have stopped the shooting. Right. How about the guy carrying the weapon that killed the nine people in the first place? Still clutching on to that second amendment like a suckling teat as an excuse to live out that 50’s cowboys and Indians fantasy life.

The media is going to paint the same profile they do for every person that does something like this. So much so that it’s now an internet meme. He was a nice boy blah blah blah. He is above age. He wasn’t corrupted, he is a scumbag. He knew what he was doing. Fuck him.

But by god South Carolina is taking down the confederate flag from a state building.

Yup. That’s going to solve everything. EBay and Wal-mart not using the outdated symbol of the losing side of the civil war that has come to represent racist drunk southern white rednecks is totally going to solve the situation and fix everything. You know, like how getting rid of black duster jackets prevented more school shootings after columbine or limiting sales of violent video games cut down on this sort of shit.

Give it a year, tops, and the whole thing will be forgotten anyway. You know why?

Nothing ever changes.

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