Nothing ever changes? Well, I’ve been shut up.

So last weeks rather short article had the message that things never change. And in a way I was right in one regard, not a thing has been done since the murder of those people in a Carolina church. Sure there has been an almost universal shift in getting rid of the confederate battle flag, but that isn’t going to do anything except give southern racist rednecks another reason to do stupid things.

But change DID happen.

A couple of days after posting that article, something happened that I honestly thought I would never see. The United States Supreme Court voted that same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. No excuses.

Wow. I’m all for this with no hesitation, but I honestly didn’t think this wouldn’t have happened. Usually in stuff like this we have some long drawn out court battle, judges him and haw over the end ruling and give some kind of vague and non-committal ruling that just means this will pop up again in a couple of years. Nope. They sat down, ruled that every state now must allow same-sex marriage (not that civil union crap), no more of these flip-flopping views, no more of these not equal bones to throw at same-sex couples to keep them from complaining. Nope, they want to get married they will.

’bout damn time.

Sure, a bunch of states are grumbling about it. Several Governors are saying that individual state workers won’t have to issue same-sex marriage licenses if they do not want to (Which bring to questions if they are allowed to turn down straight couples if they want to), and Mississippi is delaying issuing licenses over legal issues in it’s state, but you know what? They won’t be able to change that.

Now some are looking at the individual justices and what their votes were, trying to vilify those that did not vote for this. I on the other hand, do not care. Supreme Court Justices aren’t voted for, they aren’t named by the people, and no matter what they aren’t going to be removed by the people either. So sitting there dissecting each opinion isn’t really going to solve anything. The judgment was ruled, no point in picking things over after the fact like it will change anything.

Of course, the main resistance to this seems to be religiously based. But you know what? This has nothing to do with religion. This verdict doesn’t mandate any Church, temple, or any other house of worship has to have same-sex marriages within their walls. I am one who has always been against one’s religious views dictate what everyone else around them needs to do.  You don’t believe in same-sex marriage, okay. Don’t get married to someone of the same sex then. Not everyone follows the Bible, and even if they do, you are in no position to tell anyone how they practice their beliefs. No one is denying you the ability to go out a marry someone of the opposite gender, and you know, it’s been nearly a week since this decision and the world didn’t end. If your life was negatively impacted by this decision, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your life and decisions.

But for the rest of us out there, this is a monumental moment of change. Sure, the road isn’t smoothed out right now, but the largest bump on the path has been removed. This is one of those moments that will be looked back on for generations to come, but it’s not the end of a means. There are still a lot of other hurdles same-sex couples and members of the LGBT community has to end discrimination. And may that road eventually be as smooth as glass for them someday.

Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon – Dr. Who



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