Putting my money where my mouth is after bitching about Go Set a Watchman last week

So last week I posted an article about Go Set a Watchman, The “new” book from Harper Lee that got everyone all in an uproar in media and in the news… until the book was released. Funny that.

Anyway, I usually post a link at the end of these articles showing you where you can find my written work, but this week I’m going to post about what I’ve done and why I wasn’t completely speaking out of my ass last week about the writing process. Also, hey, a lot of these online people shamelessly self-promote, so I can too!



Cityscape Tokyo is a 100,000+ word novel that I released last year. The story takes place in a near-future Tokyo where adopted siblings Sho and Kyoko Kimmamoro reside with their guardian Rei. After Kyoko starts to suffer unusual migraines, she quickly gets swept up in a dark conspiracy by the Yamazaki Medical Corporation. In trying to get her back from the clutches of the ambitious and uncaring Ms. Fumika, Rei and Sho uncover long dark secrets that affected both their lives since they were newborns. It combines super science, adventure, and humor in an exciting adventure!

Cityscape Tokyo can be found for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for $4.99.




kRaveings: A Spirited Meeting is an 11,000 words take on superheroes. The story stars kRaven, a former low-level supervillain in the run down city of Coldwater. After a stretch in prison and kicking his long-standing drug habits, he finds himself in a world where he is no longer relevant. After meeting an elderly woman in a graveyard, he is met with something even he ahs a hard time believing. Then when crime comes to his door, he finds that maybe the quiet introspective life wasn’t for him.

kRaveings: A Spirited Meeting is available for only 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.




kRaveings: Shock in the Dark is a 10,000 words second book starring kRaven and Mirakoshi. After a night of taking care of some business within the city of Coldwater,  reformed supervillain kRaven and the ghostly Mirakoshi run across a store being robbed. However, the criminal inside is no regular thug. With a super tech-laden robber on the loose, They must  work to deduce who this masked foe is and bring them down before all hell breaks loose!

kRaveings: Shock in the Dark is available for only 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords




kRaveings 3: Star Power is the 8,600 words, third adventure of the unusual crime fighting duo of kRaven and Mirakoshi. When the daughter of Coldwater’s mayor is found dead, kRaven and Mirakoshi are brought in by the cops to find out how she died. After orders from the police for the superheroes of the city to keep their distance, a difference in philosophy leads to a butting of heads between kRaven and Coldwater’s “official” protector, The Star.

kRaveings 3: Star Power is available for only 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.




Unconventional: Adults Stories in Model Behavior is a 27,000 words ADULT collection of stories based around 6 cosplay models who go to an animation and comics convention n Florida. While there to work at a booth to represent their website, each ends up having a lot more fun and adventure than they had planned. This book contains descriptions of a very sexual nature and is not intended for kids and those who don’t like to read about sexual pleasure.

Unconventional: Adults Stories in Model Behavior is available for $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.


And there you have it folks, all of my published written work so far. I’m always writing something so there will be more in the future. Please check them out if any look like they strike your fancy and help support me and my writing. Thank you!

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