Some old fart style grumbling about politics!

I’m already starting to see it, we are almost a year and a half away from the presidential election and already people are extending their talons or who they think is right and how everyone else is wrong. We haven’t even gotten past the first STEP to putting the next president of the United States in the White House and are a year away from even determining who will actually be in the election and I’ve already seen “This is who I’m voting for and if you don’t like it I’m unfriending you” posts on my social media. First, I’d tell that person to grow the hell up. If you didn’t want it to be an issue then you shouldn’t have brought it up. Second, if people are so willing to drop contact with others over a difference of opinion as shallow as that, then they aren’t worth being friends to begin with.

But I’m getting off point. I’m hardly some political science master or anything like that, and maybe I’m looking back with rose colored glasses, but it seems like since that nightmare from the 2000 election when things were stretched out for months and each of the two major parties were accusing the other of shady dealings, that the divide between the democratic and republican party has split wide open and that compromise seems like a dirty word nowadays.

It seems like ever since then, one party or another just deiced that they won’t bother at all with anyone else and nothing gets voted through or done anymore. Either one side blamed to other for something (9/11, financial crisis, housing market..etc.) or in recent years just flat out said they refused to go with anything that the other party has drafted up. Some of t was party politics, other parts were personal, and some if it was just flat out racism (Birthers anyone?)

Of course, it all comes down to numbers. Who has the majority in the house, who has the majority in the senate, and who has the most money to shill out to anyone to get stuff voted through. But holy cow does it mean no one can agree on anything anymore?

At seems like every presidential election either candidate, whether they win or lose, always says something about “coming together for America” and it just seems like it never does anymore. And worse, I don’t think any one president would be able to do it anymore, no matter the party.

Is there a way out of this? Probably, but nothing I could think of except for an overwhelming amount of majority or a whole lotta bribe money. More representation of independents might help, but you really can’t force more independent if there are none to vote for.

Sure, the system is flawed, but it’s ours, we just got to make the best of the lot.


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