In this Beta Episode (not to be confused with the pilot, which will be coming later), Lucina (Played by Chris Voyage) clashes swords with the scourge of the Miiverse Seas, Red Beard (Played by EvilBob)! It’s Princess vs. Pirate. 3… 2… 1… GO!

Creator’s Note: What’s up, everyone? Welcome to the new series! More specifically, welcome to the Beta Episode. As said above, this isn’t a pilot. The show is actually going to have a plot and a few features not seen here. This episode is essentially just a tech demo. Showing you the main attraction in a sense. That being how we’ll be cutting in the wording over the fights. Hope you enjoy and stick around for the ACTUAL pilot, next friday! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

“Pirate Crew” by Ross Bugden
Full Song:

Chris Voyage
Facebook: Chris Voyage
Twitter: @NetworkNextTV

About Voyager

A smarmy otaku, webshow creator and author behind the likes of Bulletoon and Burning Sky.

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