The trio discusses America’s current mass shooting problem (three words that REALLY shouldn’t be together in that order), how one country handled it, and how America could be so much better if they actually followed that example!

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3 responses »

  1. Lee says:

    Hey don’t know if you just haven’t gotten around to posting this episode or the last one yet on the iTunes and that’s why I’m not seeing them, but if you have they’re not showing up on the podcast iTunes app. Maybe mine’s just being wacky but I thought I should let you know just in case…
    Also did Tumblr eat the picture of your birthday present I tried to send? I know it’s way late but I want it to be perfect.

    • Gomer says:

      That’s strange. It should update to iTunes automatically. o.O I’ll poke the Feedburner.

      And I got your present and I LOVE IT! =D I’ve made it a point to bring it up on the next Thespian Talk (which was meant to be this week, but scheduling fell to bits). ^_^

      • Lee says:

        I completely understand about the scheduling issues. I was just worried that it didn’t make it to you in time. My internet has been flaky lately and I wasn’t sure if it got through. If there is any suggestions or adjustments you want on it I would love to hear it.

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