The most wonderful time of year!

It’s close to that time of year again! I’ve been a Halloween fan going back to when I was a kid. Since I have an October birthday Halloween stuff in stores and on TV usually meant my birthday was getting closer as well. As I got older and my birthday just didn’t mean as much anymore, Halloween still had its charm with me.

Many years ago the small street I live on was usually flooded with kids going up and down the road Trick or treating. Even the houses without school age kids still kept their lights on and gave out candy when we would arrive. After going up and down the road, we’d all head over to our town’s elementary school for the big Halloween party that night before going home, have a few bits of your candy haul, then try to get some sleep that night.

Times have changed of course. This house hasn’t had Trick or treaters in probably 4 or 5 years. All the kids have grown up and slowly the number of younger kids had dwindled down to only a few. Not that we live in a dangerous neighborhood or anything, but most parents have just forgone traditional trick or treating and just take their kids to the school party for safety reasons.

However, times have changed in other ways. It really has become more socially acceptable for us older types to get into the costume spirit, especially in the anime/nerd convention set I hang around with. The internet and social media have taken over since my youngin days so we can share our costumes and not even have to leave the house to see them. It’s fun to see what my cosplayer friends come up with every year. Seems a good time in this day and age to be a cosplayer when Halloween comes around. Sure beats those days of plastic smocks with toy logos splattered all over them.

Some of the other things I’ve grown up with during the spooky time of years haven’t changed that much. While there are the newer Halloween TV offerings like the Shrek and toy Story Halloween specials, you still have Charlie Brown getting a rock  in “The Great Pumpkin” and the Simpson’s doing their specials every year (some say it’s the only good eps Simpson’s do anymore). The best thing thought that has come along is we have streaming media and Youtube to watch whatever we want now nstead of what the big three networks tossed at us.

The candy hasn’t changed that much either. There are still the bags of caramels, candy corn, Tootsie rolls, Dum Dums, Hershey’s Miniatures, Sweeties, and Neco wafers (Bleck!), I just have more disposable income that I can buy loads of bags of that stuff instead of going door to door for it. 🙂

So no matter how you celebrate Halloween, be it with a scary movie, a huge get together, or a ton of selfies showing off the test run of a costume for the convention season, Have fun with it! Halloween is a holiday meant for fun and there is no stopping you from taking that to the fullest you can get.

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I will also be attending and running a panel at the AniMaine convention the weekend of November 13th in South Portland, Maine. If you are in the area, come check out my panel Damn Write!” and check out all the other fun things during the weekend!

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