AKT1Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a movie I often mistook for Fried Green Tomatoes as a kid, two completely different movies. There was a cartoon about it. I never saw it. The movie was on Hulu and I thought it was a good horror B-movie. Boy, was I right and wrong at the same time. Maybe if I had actually read the poster or looked up the plot I would have known better but I did not want any part of the movie spoiled for me. It was as if the creators of Airplane and Monty Python came together and made a movie.

There is no other plotline aside from everyday tomatoes are attacking, most of them actual size. They roll around and make a noise similar to someone imitating a bee. Many of the jokes are criticisms on the American government and late 70s pop culture (the movie was made in 1978).

You get out of it exactly what you would expect from the start. It is one of those movies that is stupid but charming. I liked it more than Airplane but a lot less than Monty Python. This is a movie you watch while folding laundry and cleaning up the room in which you are watching it. Some of the Hulu comments left talked about theaters putting up warning signs during its showing, saying it was a terrible movie and there would be no refunds. Considering how cheap movie theaters used to be, I would have loved that experience. Give this one a look when you are sick in bed or have a lot of work to do in one room.

This is a one-time watch and extra cheesy. It is available on Hulu for free. 5/10.

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