Pilot Season: That 80s Show

This week on Pilot Season we find out just what was acceptable in the Eighties in That 80’s Show.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Patrick is a busy adult with many important things to do
  • Alan has seen That 70’s Show a lot
  • Black and white portable TVs
  • What happened to you?
  • The one punk rocker in town
  • Something called Music Television
  • Frank Zappa’s greatest invention
  • The Alan Seal of Approval
  • Patrick blames things on Tumblr
  • Competition amongst Friends wikis
  • Chekhov Nipple
  • Huge 80’s phones
  • A bold pitch for a Hollywoodland remake
  • Sexy deathbed Tom Waits

Don’t forget to reach out to Patrick on Tumblr and Twitter with your history questions, or either of us with show suggestions.

Host: Jill Bearup
Executive Producer: Alan Beirne
Also appearing: Patrick Brogan

Dedicated to Joey Ramone

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