Wanna get me mad? Start telling me what to do with my work.


Hello Gang. Hope everyone had a good Halloween and the American readers among you went out to vote today. Even in an off year things still need to be decided on and things closer to you are often the things that pop up in an off year election.

So the other day someone I knew and followed online had made a remark about “Trigger Warnings” and how people would sit down and play a MSRB rated video game with product listed food and would grumble and complain about trigger warnings on things like movies and how hypocritical it was. I stated that any article that I had to preface with a trigger warning was an article that would not be released.

Yeah, that opened the floodgates.

I was labeled as “Anti-feminist” and “The type of person who posts rants about SJWs”. I was then told that I HAD TOO put trigger warnings in my books and my articles because I may offend someone and that I was against the considerations of other people.

Mind you that none of these people have read anything of mine, let alone actually paid for it, other that facebook posts.

I have no earthly clue how any of that made me anti-feminists, but you know what, I AM going to post a rant about it!

For those not following what I’m talking about here, “Trigger Warnings” are a thing that came out of Tumblr. It was originally meant as a warning to those who have Post Traumatic Stress disorders, namely military combat veterans, from having anxiety attacks in such things as written articles and media. The term has grown a bit to now not only cover things people with anxiety may react to, but just controversial and unpopular opinions. Much of which said person denied. I was then told by said person that Trigger Warnings were things like ratings on video games and movies, as well as TV shows and that I was totally wrong.

That’s not how I see it.

To me, there is a different between and age/content warning that were imposed by the FCC and the “trigger warnings” dreamed up by supposedly socially conscious teenagers and college kids on a social media that isn’t exactly know for being accurate nor very well thought out.

The warning labels on TV shows, music , and video games were all about “protecting children” from things that their parents wouldn’t want them to consume at their age. They were government mandated (Remember Tipper Gore in the mid 80’s and Dee Snider making the whole thing look stupid?). These warnings are not voluntary and had nothing to do with triggering anxiety episodes in people who have had traumatic events occur to them. When I worked retail, if a game or movie was rated for older consumers, children under that age weren’t even allowed to CARRY THE THING IN THE STORE. Seriously, this was a firable offense.

Trigger warnings are not government mandated, usually have little to do with age. And most often are banded around by people who think they are acting in the best interest of everyone else, not people who are the ones suffering from the trauma or the stress disorders. Sure, there are those who genuinely suffer from these affects, but if you go and look, they are outnumbered by those who “Aren’t offended but someone else might.” like they’ve acquired a psychology degree all of a sudden. True, Trigger warnings at its base are a good idea, but much like anything else that comes out of social media it becomes diluted, overplayed, and twisted to fit into someone else’s agenda. Having a Trigger Warning before a written review of American Sniper is more what people think the term entails v/s a trigger warning before a written article about Derpy Hooves is where it has largely gone.

But my biggest problem with the whole thing is that these people, who have and probably never will have, any kind of vested interest in what I do for a living, are telling me what to do and then are surprised when I don’t actually like it.

It’s pretty simple really. It’s one thing if you read a book or see a movie and you don’t like it. It’s not your thing. You can’t please everyone. You can even voice your opinion on something. Hell, what do you think I’m doing here? BUT it’s another thing to go directly to the person providing the content and telling them how to do their jobs, especially when you’ve never invested anything into the medium itself. That is selfish, rude, and self righteous. If putting demands that someone else create content specifically tailored to your sensibilities and interests are changing the world, then you’ve got some harsh lessons coming your way.

In short, don’t do that, you accomplish nothing. Even with my meager following, let alone someone who is raking in a lot of money, will just scoff and hope to never have to engage with you ever again.

The Answer? Go make your own stuff. Make your own books, music, or movies. Make them however you want with whatever warnings you want. If you say that you “can’t” than you shut up. Simple as that.



Recently my fellow RT Gomerite Trent Troop of Isle of Rangoon had a massive computer crash that is severely hindering his ability to make more Rangoon videos of Learning and Sarcasm misadventure with puppets. I’ve been a fan of the Isle for quite a while now and they were cool enough to let me submit some dialog for their show a few weeks back.

So if you would like to help Trent out, send an email to trent(at) isleofrangoon.com or you can donate directly to him through his PayPal at TrentTroop (at) gmail.com . Every little bit helps out in getting Trent and his crew back up and running soon!



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I don’t forget, I’m still running for President! Vote for me in 1 year’s time!

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