Don’t play into the hands of terrorists.

Hello, again gang! Sorry, there wasn’t anything posted last week. I had just returned from AniMaine (My wrap up of that is HERE) and was swamped with all kinds of things. The life of a freelancer.

Unfortunately, the first day of the con was the day that Paris was attacked by ISIS. Most of us didn’t hear about it until late Friday night or on Saturday morning. I found out a little after midnight after the con was over for the day and had spent some time drinking pineapple juice at the bar. It didn’t take long for me to see this was just an attack on a single target like the Charlie Hebdo attack, but this was an all-out terrorist assault on the city. Over 100 people dead and multiple hits on restaurants, a concert, and other locations.

The goal behind all this? Well, I’m sure these fanatics had plenty of them. But it seems the major goal of doing this revolves around the troubles in Syria. It seems this whole thing in part was try and  get people and countries around the world scared of ANYONE coming out of Syria that countries would close their borders and convince the people of Syria that everyone is against them except for ISIS.

And the sad thing is, people in this country are falling right for it.

Of course, being the political season leading into an election year, politicians and presidential candidates are jumping all over this. Governors of states are saying that they will not accept Syrian refugees into their states and people like Donald Trump and Ben Carson use terms like “rabid Dogs” to describe people trying to flee the war and fighting within the country.

Kind of worries me when candidates for President of the United States and a terrorist group are on the same page.

First, despite what some people may think people of the Muslim faith are not the evil bogeymen that some try to make them out to be. People from predominantly Muslim countries are not all crazy religious fanatics who beat up and rape women and are ready to blow themselves up at a moments notice. It doesn’t matter if they live in the United States or not. The overwhelming majority of Muslim people are hard working folks who want to make a living and make things better for themselves and their kids. They live their lives just like we do. Through my connections, I know a few people who are Muslim and funny enough, none of them have ever called me an infidel.  That image of a religion full of Achmed The Dead Terrorist is a false one baby every stretch of the imagination. That’s like someone from another country saying that all Americans are defined by the freaks shows we see on TLC.

But more to the point The actual process of becoming a refugee relocated within the U.S. isn’t as simple as just showing up at the border and waltzing into wherever you want to go.  It is a long process that takes months, if not years of back and forth paperwork. You can’t just skip over the border and claim you are running away. You need to prove to the United States that you indeed are in deathly threat, you have to account for every step you take, and even IF you are allowed in the country, you often times do not pick what part of the country you end up in (Although being relocated to Family already here is a decided factor). And here’s the thing a lot of people do not realize, that it isn’t entirely a free ride. The United Sstates gives these people loans. As in they eventually have to pay them back. Being a refugee in the United States isn’t a vacation.

More close to my local level, here in Maine our Governor is Paul LaPage. Look him up and find that he isn’t exactly a cherished state treasure and is even currently being looked at for abuse of power within his office. He is one of the state governors who said that he would not accept Syrian refugees.

The problem is that it’s not his choice to begin with. None of those saying such things about their state have the authority to do so, no matter how much they bluster and yell. LaPage goes on to talk about how much of a strain they could be and the ever ready excuse of a possible terrorist threat.

Yes, Paul, I’m sure MAINE is a priority to ISIS.

Anyway, what he fails to mention is the population of Somalian refugees we already have in the state. Sure it’s a hot button issue here in Maine, specifically about what they are and aren’t allowed to do in terms of work and jobs and such. But you know what?  We haven’t had a group of Somalian militants blowing themselves up at the Civic Center in Portland either.

The ultimate point I’m trying to make is this, instead of knee jerk reacting and giving in to what other people want you to think, inform yourself about what really happens in these circumstances and find out what really happens, not what ISIS or fear mongering political candidates tell you happens.

With that out of the way, I want to make sure to wish all my American readers a happy Thanksgiving. No matter what your traditions, or even your motivations of what the holiday is about, everyone should enjoy it. Whether you are getting together with family with some large ass bird and enough mashed potato to keep Idaho in business or settling down to a night of Netflix and a TV dinner by yourself, hope your holiday is worth remembering for all the right reasons!


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