Fallout 4 is out and here is the..uhh…Fallout!

Hello again Gang! Hope those that are reading this in the United States had a happy Thanksgiving and those elsewhere in the world had a good Thursday. Always nice to have a good Thursday.

So a little while after AniMaine I plunked down and got the new Fallout 4 game for the PC. I am a big fan of the Fallout games, having played 3 on the Xbox 360 and New Vegas on both the 360 and the PC, so like a good chunk of people out there I was waiting with anticipation about this game coming out. I saw the promo clips and the convention spiels and everything.

I am not disappointed!

Now, This is gonna have spoilers in it for those who haven’t played the game yet, so a head’s up on that. I haven’t beaten the game yet, I’ve only put in about 24 hours so far with my first character (Misty, the mother), but I’m loving it. It is very much a game worthy of being part of the Fallout franchise. The overall storyline is a lot more compelling than it’s two predecessors (Getting kicked out of vault 101 or that deal with the gold chip). The idea of tracking down your kidnapped child gives the character more motivation to track all over hell and half acre than saying “just because”.

The individual missions are a lot of fun too. The idea of setting up a settlement and having other people join you is a neat idea that adds something to the game play. Hell, it’s pretty much a game in itself to buy or scavenge all these supplies so that you can put together your own settlement and buildings and such. Helping out settlements by clearing out ghouls, super mutants, and raiders make total sense in this environment. Rebuilding the minutemen, helping the Brotherhood, even smaller missions like getting a guy some cans of green paint and helping the radio DJ act like a man are fun to take part in as well.

The new crafting a modding of clothes, weapons, and armor I’m digging, even if it is a bit of a change and something to get used to. The previous games had wear and tear more as a factor, with repairing a big thing. This time around that’s not really a factor as it is more customizing and upgrading everything as opposed to repairing guns on the fly (you do have to keep your power armor repaired though). I used to use repairs to lower my weight when walking around, but this time I had to find other ways of doing it. But I like the customization aspect of the whole thing.

The new leveling system is a bit of an adjustment as well. Unlike the previous games where you got to get perks and points towards your character’s abilities, this time you can add points to your character OR select a perk you made the qualifications for. It’s not a huge deal, but it does make you think as you travel along. I’ve found myself playing the game and thinking what I should do with my next level up, even more than the previous two games. Added bit that really keeps your mind going as you progress along.

I LOVE the improvements in character interaction. The new dialog options really make your character more of a person. They also have much better interactions with companions and the companions become part of the conversation and as a result become more a part of the game than just a tag along. You can actually develop relationships with your companions now. I am romancing Piper right now as I like the spunky little reporter.

The crating of the enemies you fight has really taken a step up as well. The mole rats and scorpions dig underground now, and the super mutants and raiders are just as customized as you are! Having a raider decked out in partial power armor as he is launching nuclear warheads at you is a big pain in the ass as it turns out!

If there is one thing I’m a little disappointed with is the amount of customizing with your characters at the start f the game. I was hoping for just a little more out of it, like I want to make someone who wears glasses, or someone with pink hair, little things like that. Maybe that will come in a DLC pack, or later down the road if I wanted to, a player created MOD.

Minor nitpicks aside I find this game to be a lot of fun, maybe even better than Fallout 3 or New Vegas. The story is good, the characters are engaging, and there is a lot to do in this game to keep it from getting too boring. I know there is a LOT of game still left or me to play but as it is now I am glad I got my hands on this to play it!

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