Pilot Season: South of Sunset

We’ve gone Flip City this week on Pilot Season. Because we’re taking it to the limit one more time to watch South of Sunset starring Glenn “That Guy From Eagles who isn’t Don Henley That the Makers of His Show Had Heard Of” Frey (whose name pronunciation we never quite settle on).

This episode was suggested to us by Rich Thomas (@earthdog). If you want to suggest a podcast we could cover please do so in the comments or tweet at us!

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Full Pilot Season Rankings


Too many Eagles References.

The state of the Unemployed Historian IMDB (or how Jill Bearup is no longer hosting Pilot Season)

3 Degrees of Don Johnson

Staying in a Sexmotel

Billy Joel and the slimming effect of pianos.

Alan talks about Roman Literature

The process of send lewd photos in the 90s.

A new That 70s Show/South of Sunset Head-canon is created

Vince McMahon’s Actual T-Rex Skull

Juggalo Street Gangs.

The Man in the High Castle Follow Up


The Question that Broke Word Funk.

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