Give yourself a mental day off and RELAX!

Hey gang! It’s Christmas time. That wonderful time of year where you are inundated with red and green until your eyes bleed, enough Christmas music on repeat to make your ears explode, and your pockets burst in flames from the fiction of blowing your budget.

Okay, so the holiday can wear thin on some, but life is what you make of it. This year I plan on spend Christmas day away from a lot of the usual headaches and annoyances that pop up day to day for me. I’m going to visit my sister’s family for some home cooked food, come back for probably more food, not even bother reading anyone’s political diatribes on Facebook or Twitter, and sit back and just relax.

And that really is my advice to any of you. Take advantage of the holiday (or any of the holidays around this time, whichever you celebrate), and give you mind and soul a break. Unless you are one of those who are dedicated to your job on that day, take this opportunity to step out of the usual. Forget about worries, struggles, and problems for the day, no matter how you find the way to do it.

For me Christmas isn’t what it used to mean to me as a kid. I was never bound to any religious tradition  for the holiday. It was about giving and receiving and good food and family. With me and my sister older with lives of our own, the giving and receiving is mostly for my Nephew with lighter presents to each other else wise. The big huge holiday meals are scaled down. Hell, there isn’t even snow on the ground (here in Maine we are kinda scratching our heads on this one).

But that doesn’t mean the holiday is dead for us either.

This year I plan on a mental time out. Still grabbing some good food, wishing my online friends a happy holiday and thinking of them, especially if things haven’t gone their way this year, and probably watching a Christmas day marathon or two (I wrote about that last year). Not writing a whole lot of anything, not putting myself under pressure as an author or freelance writer, and just giving myself a day to relax and taking in some of the holiday cheer (and I don’t mean egg nog, I don’t drink). For those that do have to work on this holiday, do the same, but find that time on your own schedule that works for you. It’s the holidays, even if you have to make it a personal one for just you.

And don’t forget our little furry and scaly friends as well.  Our pets are a part of our lives and for them, you are their life. While I do not recommend stuffing them full of our dinner and making them sick or fat, give some love their way this holiday too. They may not understand the holiday, or exactly why you are doing something special for them, but I guarantee they will appreciate and enjoy any gesture or special something you do for them. So if you have a little friend at home, do something nice for them and show them the love you would show your family, because they ARE your family. They love you unconditionally, so show them the same.

So this holiday, take a step out of your world and give yourself and those around you some love.
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