To break up the monotony of campy horror movies before I start on the Evil Bong series, I thought I would change direction just this once. The vampire movies called to me and the first one that caught my attention was the 2013 teen drama Hunted.

Rufus the vampire is starting his new life in Conrad, a small town in the Northern Midwest. His friend, an old woman, steps in front of a bus and that is why he is taken in by the chief of police. He has a British-like accent but says he has lived in Seattle and of course is an odd ball. To explain the side effects of his vampirism, he explains that he has a rare disease. His body temperature is in the high 60s. That’s not a disease, that is a day or two after death. Mere hours after getting into town, he ends up naked with the town whore, Tracy. There is another guy introduced who is the town bully, named Clay. He tries to get Tracy into his car, she refuses, he throws rocks at them, and drags Tracy off. Rufus follows them and bites Clay after he tries to rape Tracy. Rufus turns into more of a werewolf than a vampire and his growls are dog-like. Clay lives for some reason and Tracy just hits him over the head and tells him to go home. It is not like he is guilty of kidnapping and attempted rape, demonstrating him as a dangerous and demented juvenile? Worse, she kisses Rufus’ blood covered mouth, putting her at risk for several diseases.

Clay is a whiny angry emo character with whom I want to sympathize but he is just too dramatic. He reminds me of a villain teen from Kamen Rider. Rufus’ mother tells him to stay away from Clay because he is “almost a man”. How old is Rufus supposed to be? He looks 14 or 16. Is Clay 19? Anyway, Rufus becomes his friend and tries to be nice to him and Tracy hates him for it. Despite that they are high schoolers, their drama would fit better in middle school.

Mr. Chief of Police (Dad) and his wife constantly fight about Rufus, who is wearing their dead son’s clothes and playing with his toys. Their son got a hold of Dad’s gun and shot himself. His wife blames him for their child’s death and they sleep in separate beds if not separate rooms. Once the wife gets all of that off of her chest to Rufus, she begins to bond with him. I thought this was a sweet touch.

The old lady hit by the bus, whose name we have learned is Bristol Anderson, is 107 years old and has had a lobotomy. Enter Mr. Van Dusen, a man who would look natural as the villain in any porn. He creeps on Rufus and Tracy as if Conrad is the only town where his infamous pedophile ways go unnoticed. He works for a science lab that cuts up and experiments on supernatural people like Rufus, the place where Rufus and Bristol escaped. He is there to get Rufus back.

One scene was noteworthy, when Rufus and Tracy have sex. It is sweet and more realistic (minus the awkward premature ejaculation but what vampire has that problem?).

Hunted would have been a much better book that might take some attention away from the undeserving Twilight series. Although I enjoyed it, I do not recommend watching it unless it is in the background. I have revealed most of the plot anyway. It is available on Hulu for free and a one-time watch if that. 7/10.

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  1. Can’t seem to find a trailer on YouTube. Do you have any suggestions?

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