This year I have met more people who, like me, do not enjoy the holidays. Moving to another country was one of the best decisions of my life. Christmas is one time of the year where my family have an excuse to contact me. My parents and I do not mix well. I keep my emotions at my feet when I talk to them, especially my mother. They know what I do and they hate it. I understand but I wish they would keep their opinion to themselves and stop telling me I am going to hell. In my early teens when I lived with them, they were nothing but horrible to me. Yet they act like nothing ever happened and I owe them my life. Blood is not an obligation. Sometimes blood is toxic. I am glad to have people who relate by my side.

So what is in store for 2016? Hopefully I will get more erotica on Kindle and complete an erotic novel. Perhaps love will take hold.

Check out Ingrid Webb’s erotica on Kindle!

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