Finally, I have gotten to the Evil Bong series. After one movie, I am dreading the next month of reviewing this hellhole which I predict will be as stale as stoner breath.

Nerdy Alistair has moved into a studio apartment with three stoner guys. One of them buys a magic bong from New Orleans advertised in the newspaper. The bong turns out to be evil. When they take a hit, “Ebee” is able to take their souls and transport them into a strip club to get stronger. Alistair does not partake and finally realizes what is going on. He takes a hit to go into the bong and save his love interest with the help of the bong’s owner, Jimbo (played by Tommy Chong). The fact that I can sum up the entire movie in such a short paragraph speaks volumes on its lack of depth. Movies without depth are not always terrible. More than likely they are bad in an entertaining way. This one was just bad. The pacing was wonky, the characters were all the same except for Alistair, and the plot had no idea where it was going by wasting time with side plots.

Surprisingly, GingerDead Man made a cameo in the movie at the stip club. It was as you would imagine and I wish I could get it out of my head. There is not much to say about this movie other than Ebee’s mouth should have moved or it should have been closed. She was a beautiful bong until she started to grow a skin-like texture although I could not imagine how dirty the inside of her was from four boys sucking on her for days.

Do not waste your time with this movie. Tommy Chong is charming in it but it is not worth sitting through this crappy movie. It is available on Hulu with a subscription. 3/10.

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